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Our network of guilds and multi rank one players offer  unmatched and incomparable services, Elitist Gaming is the right choice for you! Simply put, its the most complete and trusted site on the market.

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Years of Experience

Our players have years of experience in the highest ratings of this game. They can perform under any circumstance and scenario. It’s simply experience and talent

Unmatched Service

We truly care about our users & end product which is why our users love Elitist Gaming! You will too with the service & the most incredible support around.

Everyone can benefit!

Whether you have no time or have a hard time getting your ratings up, Elitist gaming has that covered for you with all the tools we provide.

We Are Dedicated To Our Users & Services

Making sure that all of our users feel comfortable and confident that the service is performed by professional gamers! Your rating or learning experience WILL be in the best hands and treated with much caution and experience.

litist gaming is the one stop site for any WoW; LoL & Diablo 3 service you need. It could be PvP, PvE, power leveling, or even gold (coming soon) we have it all. No need to go to fake scam sites anymore when you can just come here for fast, legit and cheaper services than any other competitor out there. Paying high prices for full raid runs are over, overpaying for your arena carries are over. We have the largest suppliers of PvE and PvP services.
We offer unrivalved services is terms of quality and price. Years of raiding, battleground, and arena experience offer the best and largest supply of any service out there. True professionals of the trade we always secure the payments of our customers and their identities we never disclose any name unless given permission or asked to. Elitist Gaming will assure the arrival of the product you have bought guaranteed.
Arena services from us are one of a kind, the best the fastest arena boosting in the market. We offer 2000 3v3 rating and above all the way up to r1. Our players have years and years of combined experienced through every season. All of them are multi glad and rank one players.
Our Elo Boost  is the safest and the smartest pricing in the entire market. We produce more top notch boosts than any other site or private vendor out there. Out Challenger and Diamond 1  pros will get you any Division and League you want guaranteed. All of this is 100% safe and secure.
Our guilds are all in the top of the top in the U.S. they have years of experience starting from the very first raid in vanilla WoW. The carries our guilds provide is unparalleled to any other pve services out there. May it be full runs, half runs, challenge mode gold, or even mount runs we will guarantee you get your product 100%.
Want to become a better player? Want to dominate your friends and family at this game? Coaching is the way to go starting at 25$ an hour our multi rank 1 players will coach you through. Everything from keybindings if you are a new player to how to play at a tournament level if you are a seasoned veteran of the game. Top of the line coaching unamtched by any other.

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Why choose Elitist Gaming?

  • Prices are cheaper than private vendors or other sites.
  • We have the largest network of players ready to do services for you.
  • We have more years of combined experience than anyone out there.
  • We sell and get things done at the fastest rate in the market.
  • Quality service is ensured with each and every single item you buy.
  • Rbg boost, arena carry, or pve services no matter what it is we will do it.

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Many satisfied users, let’s see what they have to say!

We love our users, and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust. When you buy any of our services, you won’t ever have to worry about customer support!

I bought a Diamond 1 and was a bit skeptical at first about the service. I didn’t think it was possible but sure enough the guys were top notch and high quality players. They gave me a stream so I followed my characters every move and even allowed me to be in the chat with them. Got my Division done in five days flat. I was blown out of the water by their professionalism long story short it was an AMAZING service experience.
Andrei Burton
Ordered an RBG boost from this site. It was as simple as just pretty much sitting back and watching the livestream and watching my toon get rating. Seriously tho I didn’t expect big shots like these guys to do it, I mean these are true WoW pros and they know what they are doing. Not buying from any other site again.
John Webster
Bought a full run on heroic and I was NOT dissapointed. The raid team or guild acted very professionally in handling me (I am not easy to carry). Not gonna lie I didn’t have the best gear ever to do a full heroic run but they explained the fights very easily and carried on through my mistakes. One of a kind service.
Damon Watson
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Elitist Gaming cares for the users like no one else!

We count with many services to please the customer; we encourage you to get in touch with us in case you have any question!

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