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2000 Arena Rating Boost

Earns you the 2000 rating 3v3 achievement.

Includes elite gear at the end of the season.

Please be in current season gear before purchasing this product.


2000 rating arena carry

The first milestone’s in everyone’s PvP career in World of Warcraft arenas.

So how would a service that includes rating work for you?

It’s actually pretty simple and it follow the same patterns as a normal Arena Boost or a Rank 1 Carry in fact.

But obviously with some small differences.

The procedure is basically the same in all of the rating involving products we’ve got.

First of all after you purchase you’ll have to keep in mind several things:

-Your character must be equipped with 90% of all the current season PvP gear, we don’t go gearing in these services, we’ve got a fully separate service for this which is full conquest caps.

-You are required to be easy to communicate with because of how we perform the service in various days (although almost always it takes just 1 day to accomplish)

So how does it go down?

Well after purchasing you’ll be contacted via email or if you’d like let us know right after you purchased in our live chat.

What we will ask from you is just some basic things such as your location (you’ll see why in a second) and times in which you usually play and times where you usually stop┬áplaying as well for this service to take place.

The reason we ask for your location for this 2000 rating arena boost is because our boosters will log into your account and to make it look as natural as possible they use a VPN (virtual private network) in which they will simulate the location of the customer, so that it seems that they’re logging from the same IP range making it look normal and natural.

Then whenever they’re ready they’ll ask for your details (please be ready and available if you’ve got your authenticator enabled; we don’t ask you to remove it but if you don’t remove it then be available while the boost is being performed to save ourselves and you, some time).

After that it’s just a matter of setting your character for them to play in 3v3 arenas until they reach the 2000 rating, which for a rank 1 booster should take little to no time at all.

Once the rating is reached then you just play normally and enjoy your rating!