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2400 Arena Rating Boost

Includes the 2400 achievement along with elite gear and a very special and exclusive weapon enchant in-game.

Gets you the Duelist title along with the achievement (current rating standings)

Please be in current season gear (primal gladiator) before purchasing this product.



2400 rating arena carry

Here we have the 2400 arena rating in 3v3!

This boost will be a huge step up from the 2200 rating and a massive one from the 2000 rating arena boost before it.

It will grant you special elite gear that only the highest rated pvpers have.

Along with the elite gear you will also get the special weapon enchant that shows your weapon in the best looking visual for enchants ever (subjectively)! As well as a shiny new achievement from the arena series achievements.

This will instantly make your character stand out among the crowd and will definitely impose a higher status and respect among players when they see you with said rating, gear and enchant.

The way this 2400 rating arena boost is performed is the exact same as the previous 2 arena boosts we’ve had in 2000 and 2200 rating respectively.

The only difference is that this time (aside from the obvious rating difference) the boost will be spread through more than 2 weeks (unless the customer requests otherwise), and the reason for this is that we like to make rating boosts to look as natural as possible.

What we mean by that is that given the fact that you hand your account over to our professional pvpers, and aside from the fact that they each use a VPN to match the location of the customer, we also make this as an extra security measure so that the rating doesn’t spike in a couple days and instead it looks like a natural played arena time.

This has a consequence as you can imagine and for this our customers need to be very communicative with our boosters directly to make sure that each time and day the boost is being done, we’ve got permission from the customer to log-in 1-2 times a day.

All this is coordinated directly with our pvpers to make things easier and more efficiently.

The next is one of the big ones and it’s the gladiator arena boost which will give you one of the most prestigious titles in the game ever.