3v3 100 Wins Mount Achievement

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Cost: $2 per win.

Gets you the known achievement as well as the epic mount that not everyone can get, this also helps to boost your rating if you are just shy of a few points away from the rating you desire.

*Remember this is not a rating boost but it is a extra-wins booster, if you want a desired rating then check out our other products at the menu above.

100 3v3 wins mount achievement

3v3 individual wins!

So how does that work?

It’s actually pretty simple and we will also list the benefits of why you’d want this service.

You play your own character as this is a service that requires no rating what so ever, making it really easy for our boosters to play with you, just like our conquest caps.

A schedule is set and worked out between you and our boosters who will carry you through the games one after another.

In 99% of the cases this results in a rating boost regardless if this doesn’t ensure any rating gain or not by just the nature of the method we use to provide you with this service.

It’s only natural that your rating can go up after playing with the best players in the game.

Now secondly, the reason why you’d want to do this isn’t necessarily to win every game in Arena 3v3. The reason everyone gets this service is because of a very special achievement and mount that you can get once you unlock 100 wins in the 3v3 bracket.

This unlocks a very special achievement as well as a very unique mount that stands out enough for you to consider even if you aren’t interested in PVP or arenas at all.

Getting this mount is definitely up there with the gladiator mounts in terms of looks and will show how serious you are about PvP to everyone around you.

3v3 100 wins arena mount

In terms of availability we have this service fully functioning and the wait times may vary depending in your class and spec, however the average stays in 2-3 days for service delivery and 3-4 days for service completion.

Our boosters assigned to play with you are the same ones that do coaching and boosting all the way to Rank 1, this ensures that the efficiency will be maximized and there will be no delays while the service is being done.