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Welcome To Elitist Gaming

Who are we? We are the largest network of top 20 U.S. guilds and mutli-rank 1 PvP players across the entire United States.We started this program in 2013 where all of us came together for the purpose of doing PvP services such as rbg booss and arena carries, and PvE services that are incomparable to any other program out there. Many of us have been playing since the original World of Warcraft, and have years on years worth of game experience. Be it in the arena, battlegrounds, dungeons, and raids, we have done it all. Some of our players have achieved a rating of 3k and above, the guilds have downed every end game boss since the introduction of heroics in WotLK and regular raids in TBC and original WoW  The service we provide to you is a combination of experience, years and is like no other.

Who Elitist Gaming

Arena services from us are one of a kind, the best the fastest arena boosting in the market. We offer 2000 3v3 rating and above all the way up to r1. Our players have years and years of combined experienced through every season. All of them are multi glad and rank one players.
Our Rbg boost is the safest and the smartest pricing in the entire market. We produce more top notch boosts than any other site or private vendor out there. Out multi rank1 and multi hero of the alliance/horde pros will get you any rbg rating you want guaranteed. All of this is 100% safe and secure.
Our guilds are all in the top of the top in the U.S. they have years of experience starting from the very first raid in vanilla WoW. The carries our guilds provide is unparalleled to any other pve services out there. May it be full runs, half runs, challenge mode gold, or even mount runs we will guarantee you get your product 100%.
Want to become a better player? Want to dominate your friends and family at this game? Coaching is the way to go starting at 25$ an hour our multi rank 1 players will coach you through. Everything from keybindings if you are a new player to how to play at a tournament level if you are a seasoned veteran of the game. Top of the line coaching unamtched by any other.

Our Roster

Arenas 90
RBGs 95
PvE Services 85
Coaching 75

Meet Our Team

Michael Caley
Michael CaleyDeveloper & CEO
Business major, entrepreneur,  and programming specialist with core abilities for business, development, and improvement of the company’s vision.
Joe Maher
Joe MaherDeveloper & CMO
Electronics engineer, Software engineer and Internet Marketer with a clear vision of business and a straight forward approach to any project that’s presented to him.