June 10, 2016

Overwatch Zenyatta

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Overwatch Zenyatta Overwatch Zenyatta is the peaceful and loving kind monk of the Overwatch world. Although he is discriminated against by humans because he is a robot he has learned to love every single living creature in the world. He is opposed to all violence no matter if it is a protest or a war. [...]

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Overwatch Zarya

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Overwatch Zarya Zarya is a Russian bodybuilding prodigy. She grew up in a small Russian village on the Siberian Tundra and was born when the Omnic crisis first happened. Due to this her family was forced to move to the other side of the country where it was still safe from the evil robots. Although [...]

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Overwatch Symmetra

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Overwatch Symmetra Symmetra has some of the coolest abilities in the Overwatch world. Satya Vaswani is her real name and she hails from India, she was born in a very rural village where there is little water and food but thanks to her great intellect she managed to overcome all of this and make a [...]

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Overwatch Torbjorn

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Overwatch Torbjorn Torbjorn is known and recognized worldwide for his creative engineering feats. He has developed some of the most advanced weapons in the Overwatch world, before he got into the Overwatch organization he was a blacksmith that was creating innovative weapon designs in a small village. When the Omnic crisis happen Torbjorn was aware [...]

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Overwatch Widowmaker

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Overwatch Widowmaker Widowmaker is considered to be the true sniper on Overwatch. With her ability to get to high sniping places and lay out deadly poison traps to anyone who gets close she is an extremely deadly hero in the right hands. However Widowmaker was not always Widowmaker as we see her today in the [...]

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Overwatch Tracer

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Overwatch Tracer Tracer is the Overwatch poster child as they like to call it. Tracer is all over anything and everything Overwatch, in the front of the game case, posters, and events. A life sized Tracer was even made and put in London for the Overwatch release promotion! Yet few people know about the Tracer [...]

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Overwatch Winston

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Overwatch Winston Before Winston was known as the brilliant Overwatch scientist he used to be a regular gorilla. Although regular in terms of the Overwatch world, he was genetically modified to be much smarter than the animals in the wild and even have and intelligence that surpasses most humans. Winston was raised by Professor Winston [...]

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Overwatch Roadhog

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Overwatch Roadhog Whenever the Omnic crisis was over Australia was left to become a desolate wastelands with many of it's citizens now dead or gone there was barely anyone left in the country. For the few people that survived or stayed they were left to fend for themselves in the wilderness. Eventually outside help came [...]

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Overwatch Reinhardt

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Overwatch Reinhardt Reinhardt was a German soldier that fought for Overwatch and was one part of the original strike team that helped combat the Omnics during the global crisis. Reinhardt considered himself to be a German knight that still held all of the values of the knights of old. He was a chivalrous man who [...]

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