June 9, 2016

Overwatch Mercy

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Overwatch Mercy Mercy in the Overwatch world is one of the most prominent doctors to have ever lived. She created and pioneered a whole bunch of treatments and systems for various diseases and injuries during the Omnic War. She is known as Angela Ziegler, before she became Overwatch Mercy Dr. Ziegler was just a lead [...]

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Overwatch Lucio

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Overwatch Lucio Lucio is Overwatch's resident musician. Born in the slums of Brazil Lucio has lead a very tough life in poverty and in crime. Everyone around him including his family were involved in crimes like drugs, murder, rape etc. Lucio was a bit different and he did not enjoy or like any of those [...]

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Overwatch Junkrat

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Overwatch Junkrat Junkrat is a fairly unique character in the Overwatch world. He has a hosts of political views ranging from hating Omnics, and people who support them to hating on corporations. He believe that people should be free to do whatever they want, including murder, theft, destruction. Anarchy is the state that he wants [...]

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Overwatch Hanzo

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Overwatch Hanzo Hanzo Shimada was born to the infamous Shimada clans made up of assassins, rebels, and thieves. The Shimada clan is one of the largest criminal syndicates in the world. They excel at the art of killing and are some of the most feared and highly regarded people to do illegal jobs. Hanzo was [...]

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Overwatch Genji

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Overwatch Genji Genji Shimada more commonly known as simply Genji. Was born as an heir to the infamous and legendary Shimada clan in Japan, This was a clan of ninjas who did various illegal activities all around the world. From being assassins to extortion there was nothing the Shimada clan could not do. Every male [...]

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Overwatch Mei

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Overwatch Mei Mei is Overwatch's climatologist comes from China as a former scientist that was studying there weather across the world. She was studying how the rise of the Omnic population was diminishing human resources. She noticed a change in weather because the Omnics were giving off this foul smoke that emanated from them and [...]

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