Boost your own MMR

Boosting your own ELO

As a general concern about sharing the account with someone and not being sure about the efficiency and reliability of these services we encourage you to try your best to boost your own ELO by doing this list of very important things and follow them religiously when playing.

1. Familiarize yourself with the map. This might come as a no-brainer but you can’t imagine the amount of people that aren’t aware of what is located where in the map of League of Legends and most importantly in “Summoner’s Rift”. Not knowing where the objectives for the bonuses are has to be one of the most dreadful things you can do in League of Legends and if you find someone that can’t find the proper things then you should definitely not be playing with that person.

2. Familiarize yourself with the items, again this might come as a no-brainer but the amount of people that don’t know what each item does is remarkable, they just follow a guide blindly and don’t even take the time to understand what they are buying, why something works and something doesn’t. Maybe the general environment of your specific game calls for a different strategy and you might have to purchase different items each time and not follow a specific build or generalized strategy in order to win. So please learn what each item does and why they use it.

3. Read… Yes READ a LOT and by reading I mean guides (high ELO guides) and general how-to’s. Read guides about champions and most importantly about strategies on how to use each champion in each situation, this also meals read tons of builds for each scenario you find yourself in, have the knowledge for every single thing that you might encounter in each and every single game, just this tip alone will get you out of Bronze if you’re in that range of ELO as a beginner player.

4. Practice what you learned, practice how to play every champion and how it feels like playing in different situations with each champion and each build that you play them with, this will make sure you learn each mechanic and therefore boosting your LOL rank tremendously; remember that these builds and strategies should come from the study you did before and from how much you actually learned, applying these concepts as you are reading them will ensure that you learn much more smoothly and much faster than anyone else.

jinx raising her own elo

5. Learn from the best! Watch streams and while watching them don’t just do it for the entertainment, do it with one thing in mind and one thing alone, and that is to pay attention to what the best players are doing, and most importantly, why they are doing it; most of them will give some sort of a commentary as they are doing it but some don’t, so don’t pay attention to that and just focus on what you have already learned and why you see them doing such things and once you do that, think to yourself why would that work, why did this player did certain thing and why it makes sense to do it. This will skyrocket your learning curves and throw you over the top as an excellent player.

6. Last but not least, get coaching, in any sport ever, the best athletes are the ones who have the guidance of a coach that works with them day in and day out to make sure that their techniques and abilities are where they should be and with a realistic improvement mindset.