She can be quite a difficult champion to master and learn to build! These changes every season as new items are introduced to the meta and into the game. When the meta changes your Ahri build in aram changes as well. This also varies from game to game. When fighting almost any AD champion in the mid lane you usually want to rush seekers arm guard to get yourself some defense vs the strong AD. This goes for talo, zed, and yasuo mainly. Those 3 champions are incredibly strong versus you and you need to build your defenses to withstand their level six onslaught. Read more…

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When fighting strong AP assassins or when losing you lane to AP champions such as Leblanc or Diana you want to get a Negatron cloak very early to help prevent some of this damage. You also need to integrate some damage early on in your Ahri S6 build so you can at least trade vs the other champions. Rushing an abyssal scepter can be very useful vs heavy AP teams as well as it provides damage and defense when you get close to them. Ahri has a small range when going in for the kills as she needs to get her W off and the abyssal scepter compliments this nicely. She is one of the strongest AP mids in the whole game with a lot of mobility and very high kill potential during team fights and great for catching the enemy team when they’re in a bad position. Catching a squishy champion in the middle of a game can win the lane and can get your team extremely ahead.




Ahri is an extremely weak champion vs tanks so you are going to need a whole lot of AP and a whole lot of magic penetration. The best builds would be to go for a Morellonomicon to start and then rush Rabadons deathcap, void staff, and a Zhonyas hourglass for your defensive. The order matters a lot! Doing it in the wrong order can gut your game damage by a large amount and also affect your team fighting and skirmishing skills. Ahri is one of the most mobile mages in the game and you need to take advantage of this. Some tanks will build a lot of magic resist versus you if you are getting fed and you may need to rush an early void staff in this situation to deal the most damage possible in team fights.


Ahri’s damage when catching the squishy ADC or AP carry is unaffected so the early void staff will not be bad at all. Using the strongest items and building the right way can completely change the game for you as a champion and can change the game for your team entirely. With this build Ahri in the top lane can also be quite effective if you get caught in those situation in the top lane the tank shredding strategy would work too.