Building as Amumu all depends on what play style you like and it is game dependent. If you like going full tank and no damage or full damage AP or a mix of both, that is completely up to you and also depends on the game that you are fighting. Going as a full Amumu tank buld can have many benefits such as being a nearly un-killable meat shield for you and your team. Having the right amount of tank items and damage items can also tilt the game to your favor depending on what your team needs that top game. Read more…

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Randuins omen is a must for a heavy AD team; it can slow down your opponents when trying to catch them and also give you a good amount of health, armor and great sustain as well. This item will definitely help you and your team catch those enemies that are trying to get away. Generally you want to get this at the end of the game maybe as a second to last or even as a last item to increase you hp and make you even tankier than you were before. After or before Randiuns for heavy AD team you want to pick up a Thornmail because it goes so well with your passive and the abyssal scepter that you should have picked up earlier. This returns 30% of all the AD damage taken by you to the enemy team in magic damage! This LoL Amumu build combined with abyssal making them take more magic damage and with your passive that does that the amount of damage that the enemy team is taking when focusing you is off the charts.




This build during team fights is what makes the champion so good. Having one wrong item or buying in the wrong order can completely kill your team fighting potential! If you buy magic resist versus a mostly AD team then you wont be so strong in team fights and will probably die very quickly. If you build properly versus that heavy AD team then it can change the entire game. Some of them will be forced to focus you down since you are in their face killing them and give free way for your ADC and AP carry to be able to shred through the whole team. Amumu top versus heavy AP teams can win the game for you or break the game..


Building a Banshees Veil vs an AP heavy team is a must for the spell that it provides, absolutely crucial, it give you a shield that will block one incoming ability. In this build it can be useful since it can block a CC ability letting you get to the carries and ult the whole team. Next for AP heavy teams you want to get an abyssal scepter since it provides a good amount of magic resist and also does damage to them. Keep in mind that this is one of the most important things you would do when you fight an AP heavy team using this Amumu build we’ve done and explained for you.