doing burst damage to get better ratings

Burst Damage to Boost your LoL Rank

It’s no secret that the reality of a good LoL score is closely related to killing blows and your killing streaks, regardless of how well you play your role such as jungler doing every single objective for the benefit of the team.

This however, secures something very important which is kills, and with kills comes better situations for your team and therefore quicker wins because you setback your enemies a great deal whenever you score those kills in every ELO range you’re in.

The most important skill that you have to learn aside from the guides and general strategies is this one, it’s called “Burst Damage”. Almost every champion will have a set of skills or a combination of abilities in order to do the most damage they can in a very short amount of time, we call this burst. The reason why this is so good and it will increase your ELO is simply because if you perfect this it will make you an overall better player.

Timing Your Spells Accordingly

Just think about the following, you can use all of your spells to try to kill an enemy but if you time them wrong then the enemy is still alive and safe while you ended up blowing your cooldowns for no reason; while instead you could time them right and use all of your power the right way and score that kill, that will boost your ranking in-game and also increase your experience by a lot, this equals to faster leveling to faster builds, more gold, etc.

It should come as a no-brainer as to why this will boost your ELO, however let me further explain to you why this is important.

In the higher levels of game-play let’s say Diamond ELO or Challenger you will find that the players are perfecting every single little thing, they will spend time training just small things in order to perform at their absolute best and the player who does this the most will be the one who remains victorious with an incredibly high ELO and quite possibly in the pro-ranks where… they do the exact same thing, work in the little things.

more damage per champion

More Successful Kills Equals Higher ELO

Landing killing blows and 100-0 a player is definitely one of the skills you need to master with the champions that can do it, it’s one of the most important skills you can possess given the nature of the game in which you get better the more you kill your enemy, giving you and your team a significant advantage over your opponent team.

If you train this set of skills and this set of abilities with the best champions for each situation (remember to follow the builds and guides) you will find yourself winning a lot more and being able to boost your ELO rating tremendously by becoming a far better player.

Remember that the way to get your division as high as possible is by working in the little things and mastering them, once you add them up the results will be incredible.