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improving your gameplay in league of legends

If you made it this far by reaching this website then you probably are looking for nothing else than finding a way to get an elo boost in league of legends, maybe you are tired of being matched with other players that seem to care for nothing else than ruining your game, this is true for NA, EUW, EUNE, TR, RU, LAS, LAN.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, afk-ers, people that complain endlessly, people that have no clue what they are doing, it can be very frustrating for the normal player to cope with that kind of behavior from those other careless team-mates. You can break that with our LOL HACK that allows you to queue with your friends in solo ranked queue. Besides if you want to improve your own gameplay you MUST play at a higher Elo or Division so that you can get matched with better team-mates and better enemies, so that you can learn from that and improve way quicker than dealing with afkers.

We both know how the match making rating system works and there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing it NOT go up like you’d want it to, being the old Elo System which is still in place however now it’s just covered with a layer of the new divisions and what not. In some cases you will need to find a way to push your league of legends rating upwards and lift it, being in NA, EUW, EUNE, TR, RU, LAS, LAN and really improve what you are doing with the aid of experts. You got 2 way outs and it’s basically the same ways out that you can find in ANY other sport ever; so it shouldn’t really be a surprise for anyone what you have to do. Firstly you have to get rid of your ego, as soon as you open the game you should realize that you are there to learn and enjoy your game not to try to show it off to anyone else.

Ok so what to do?

1. League of Legends Professional Coaching:

It’s not a coincidence that every professional athlete has a coach working with them directly, why? because the coach knows the sport already, the coach sees your mistakes and teaches you the right way instantly; so it’s 10 times more efficient than wander aimlessly hoping that a miracle will happen and you will learn how to become a better player on your own. If you get League of Legends Coaching then you should find yourself improving massively within days.

2. Safe LoL Boosting:

I know… I know it sounds like cheating the game but hear me out, remember that to learn you have to either be coached or played with the best to learn new things? Well yes in-fact if you get your Elo raised  even if it is just by a little bit you will me matched with better player who play differently and you will not only get rid of your old team-mates that are holding you down in Elo Hell, but you will also be teamed with great players that will basically work as live coaches, you will instantly play like a better gamer. … Imagine you play soccer but you only play with your neighbors, however you want to become better, you either search for a far better team to take you in and teach you, or you go directly to a coach to help you become better. That’s the way it is and there’s nothing that can be changed, Reading online guides for league of legends will only get you so far, watching videos and streams will only get you so far as well, you will learn a bit yes.. but not what’s enough to take you to the next level.

High Elo Gameplay

raising your rating

lol mmr duo queue push

What you will get:

  • Increased skill level nearly instantly whether you decide to get a push or a coaching session.
  • Become part of the elite group of players that can play comfortably at higher divisions.
  • Immense learning experience that will take you over the edge into becoming a far better player.
  • Direct coaching with top players from around the world.
  • Finally being able to enjoy the perks of having a really high Elo or Division worth of being admired.
  • Trust from your team members and you will become an authority figure in the game to be followed.

Security for Division Boosting:

  • You don’t have to worry about your account since it will be handled by professionals.
  • Your information will be 100% secure and kept secret.
  • Reinforced security measures that no other site uses.
  • Trustworthy top players will deal with your accounts and no-one else.
  • We don’t outsource the carries to other companies.

Our Boosting Services


This game is definitely something that we’ve all been playing since it came out, it’s definitely a game that has changed the world of video games big time since it captured the biggest amount of players ever; it’s extremely popular due to the accessibility and the HUGE community backing it up at this point in time.

Let me introduce ourselves and who we are in this paradigm; we are Elitist Gaming a group of players that have been playing since the beginning of CS, we’ve been through every single big game out there and always playing competitively and staying at the edge above everyone else, it’s just within our nature to be that way.

After we heard about the release of this game we decided it was time to give it a chance to just transfer from another game that was out there and pretty big in the meantime, even though we still play it all the time.

So upon release we made our first accounts and figured we’d simply start our journey to becoming amongst the top and fastest players out there, and we did, we achieved the highest of the ratings in the highest of the rankings in the shortest amount of time possible, it was just within our nature to stay that way.

After that we started noticing that the gap between casual players from the ones that were playing competitively was getting bigger and bigger, because there was a problem being created in the ranking systems of this sick moba game.

The problem pretty quick became apparent to everyone else and we figured we had to do something in order to help the player-base and also throw in some incentives for other top players to join us and to start giving some form of services to the casual players to not only narrow the gap but to also encourage more players to go into professionals and have lots of more competition to play against and not always the same people over and over.

This moba became very boring due to that so we embarked on a quest to make this a little more exciting for everyone and we decided to launch various websites to provide this, however the one we united and built was this very same website Elitist Gaming which will soon be partners with other site called a site that basically provides the same gaming tools that we provide and deliver to the best of players out there from the very top and professional players in the game.

The same players have been in this game from the beginning which also gives a very sharp edge over everyone else, the simple truth is that experience is a thing you can’t jump over and you can’t ignore.

Having experienced every single situation in every possible scenario definitely gives you an advantage over everyone else in this game, which is something we’ve seen that most players lack, they know the theory but in specific situations they really don’t know what to do and this damages their gameplay immensely due to the lack of experience, not having been in many situations like those and not having practiced certain moves to make the game a lot smoother and turn it into a win.

When we provide some of our services we notice that there are lots and I mean lots of people that get surprised at the way we provide them with incredible win rates or win ratios which is a thing that sadly almost everyone keeps at around 50% or even lower, which just by doing the math you cannot possibly win any more rating and climb up the division ladders if you don’t win more than what you lose; it’s just not possible.

This is why we thought about all these services which you can find throughout all of our website and they will definitely bring you a new insight as to what you will end up doing in the game as a basically born new player when you get placed higher and higher up in the rankings.

We wanted players to experience first hand what it’s like to play with the pros and to encourage them to up their skills and becoming way better players than what they already are.

It just takes a little dedication which we’ve found that many people simply don’t have for some reason. However that’s the same attitude you see in life in general, which is sad but also good because it will make sure that only the very best stay at the top of the ladders.

Our players get you the highest of the win rates and you will be able to see how a player in a specific division or league should behave, you will spectate in-game and see for yourself how your very own champion will be put through the test while other amazing players take control of it and basically force it up the ladders like a true champion.

You will see that in most cases it isn’t the fault of your team-mates despite them being selected as random, and you will see how our players carry out the game out of the toughest situations where you would deem them lost entirely.

Another great thing is that you will find yourself getting pretty much free training as you will be able to watch how things develop in every single map within the game and in any given situation like we talked about a little bit ago.

We encourage you to take part of this wonderful service to bring you upwards in the rankings and to teach you how the real big boys play in the top of the ladders of this moba game.

As said before you won’t only get the desired service but you will get much more than a simple carry, you will get countless benefits that will improve your gameplay by silly amounts and in ways you never imagined possible.

Take a part in this and we’ll show you how the real champions, the real professional players that live from this game play it and how much different, how much “worlds apart” it really is from what you really though it was.

Check how these guys increase their LoL Rank or go to our home

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