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Hello there my fellow Latin American league players.

As you may know by now and be very well conscious of it, the elo hell and the quality of players in the whole Latin American for League of Legends is extremely low due to many factors which we shall list shortly.

Mexico has the biggest Elo Boost Scene

This is simply due to the fact that the population in this country is huge and many people there become easily players of this amazing game which is League of Legends.

This is both good and bad, for one there will be more users and people to play with and against.

On the other side this also means that new players are entering the game which makes it very annoying when you try to deal with someone who is literally new to the game and doesn’t know anything, and at the same time they join the same ranked games from which you are trying to escape (elo/division wise).

latin america league of legends eloLatin America has the worst Elo Hell

As mentioned above this is due to the “new factor” of the players that you will find, which is bigger than you will find anywhere else due to the exponential growth in popularity that League of Legends has in Mexico and the other regions of Latin America North and Latin American South (LAN & LAS respectively).

You WILL deal with new players that are queueing in the same ELO as you are and this will make it nearly impossible for you to climb out of your current division when you have so many people that don’t know how to play in the same league as you and holding you down all the time, regardless of how hard you try to become better; it’s even worse than the ELO hell you find in OCE servers which is a lot to say the least, something truly remarkable what LAN has achieved..

An Elo Boost is the Solution

Think about it, you know very well how hard it is for you to get out of that dreadful elo hell despite the fact that you know for certain that your skills are far beyond what you currently stand, your skills as someone who has played for over 4 months should be of someone in AT LEAST platinum division.

So what is holding you down at this moment? That’s right… the new players that don’t make you win or at best they make you break even after 100 games, so you don’t go up or down, you just stay still there forever.

MMR Boosting takes you to the optimal Division

LAN LAS high elo LCS

That’s right you read correctly, if you take one of these MMR changers you will then place yourself among some of the better players who are not struggling with bad new players, you will finally experience how it’s like to actually play with the good ones while at the same time you will learn tons of things, you will become a far better and experienced player and you will learn how they play at the different divisions, trust me it’s very different than how they play at the lower ones where you are used to play at.

In fact the people that you find in lower elo or lower division that you think are good, they are totally different than what the higher elo and division plays like, it’s just a whole new world that you will never get a chance to experience if you stay at your current elo hell, trust me it will make the world of a difference.


Latin America South (LAS) and Latin America North (LAN) are by far the region with the most amount of new players in the world which causes extreme frustration from the more experienced players like yourself who are looking for a way out of your current division plateau. So consider Boosting of your ELO as soon as you can to experience how the true players enjoy the game far more than the ones stuck lower down the ladders.