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Check the Current News for League of Legends

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 Here you will find most of the most relevant news that are going on right now in the League of Legends world, being about elo boosting or just about League in general as one of the most played games of all times, there are countless incredible situations worthy of news coverage every day, and we bring them right here to you.

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League of Legends boosting has been around since the inception of League and in reality it was actually born in previous games where the same type of service has been sold and has been bought by amazing customers who realize that there’s no need to struggle in the low-elo or low-rating they’re actually playing at when they can simply purchase a boost and immediately play with the best players the game has to offer, this will in return increase their skill level exponentially and turn them into amazing players almost like clock work, you can read some of our testimonials right here.

How 2015 changed the e-sport news in League of Legends.

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With the LCS, the League of Legends championship series our world, the League of Legends world has changed dramatically because now it has even more weight in terms of active users, fans as well as sponsors as some of the normal sports.

E-sports and especially League of Legends have heavily changed the way that we perceive and consume entertainment as well as how different companies (especially tech companies) have shifted their sponsoring efforts into such an ever growing community of skillful players trying their best to achieve greatness and becoming Pros in the sports to get the recognition that they deserve.

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Now we can see almost on a daily basis on most of the popular news outlets as well as magazines, etc. spots and coverage for the e-sports scene and not only for League of Legends as games like Dota 2 and CS:GO are huge right now bringing tons of stories for these blogs and news stations.

We strongly believe that within 2016 we will be seeing live broadcasts of the best matches as well as tournaments on live TV within the most popular channels, simply because of how many people are interested and actively playing; hopefully this will attract even more advertisers and will make e-sports and League of Legends grow as much as any other common sport.