Power Level your Account to Lvl 30

If you got a new smurf account or just a new account in general and you are looking to step right into the ranked action without having to endure the painful and endless grind of leveling your account then this is definitely for you.

account power leveling boost

Skip the Grind with a Power Level

Don’t spend the countless hours that it takes for you to reach level 30 and to reach the ranked games to start the real game, you can get someone to do this for you and it will only take a few hours, way more than what it’d take if you were to level it on your own.

Most people don’t have the time to do this and that’s why they chose to buy accounts from someone else, because the grind to reach the max level is simply dreadful and way too long.

Our boosters will take your account and reach the maximum level in a matter of hours given that they will know how to accelerate every single game and how to end up victorious with way more success than the average player.

Leveling boost lol accountAll you’ll have to do is:

1. Select your current level and then check the desired level you want to reach, normally you’d want to reach level 30.

2. Give us your account information and select the server in which you are playing.

3. Sit back and look at our boosters take control of your account.

What will happen next?

Our boosters will take control of your account and start the leveling process right away; you will be able to spectate from another account just as if it was a reliable ELO BOOST in all regions through the in-game client.

This will also give you a feel for how the boosters play so that you can hopefully continue with the play-style and end up high in Division and MMR.

It is also a great learning opportunity to look how the top players play the game on a normal basis and what they do to maximize and optimize the game in a way that leads to a higher chance of success in victories.