Heroic Emerald Nightmare Boost

The Titans were the originators of the Emerald Dream in order to have a back up of the planet Azeroth. One of the green dragons had an affinity to be able to enter the Dream, Ysera was chosen to be the leader of the green dragons and granted immense power by the titans. Green dragons are the guardians of the Emerald Dream and protect every single portal in it, they were the first to go into the dream. Using the ability known as dream sight it allows green dragons to see everything that is going around in the real world even while they have their eyes closed.

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  • Full Clear
  • All Loot
  • Self Play
  • Optional Master Loot + $50


  • Full Clear
  • All Loot + Off-Spec Loot
  • Self Play
  • Master Loot


  • Full Clear Twice
  • All Loot
  • Self Play
  • Optional Master Loot + $50

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Heroic Emerald Nightmare Carry:

The Emerald Dream was the key into winning the ancient war vs Xavius and Azshara. Malfurion and Cenarius entered the dream to thwart their plans and stop them from within the dream itself.

Malfurion Stormrage was teamed up with the Dragon Aspect Ysera making him bound to the dream and becoming the first druid. Something has been going wrong inside the Emerald Dream causing trees and plant life to become corrupted and release a vile evil from within them. The dream had been disturbed by someone or something causing an evil goo to come out of the life within it and eventually killing it. This would be vital since the dream is a copy of Azeroth and they are tired and linked to each other. If the dream were to perish then so would all of Azeroth.

This is the evil that is looming in Azeroth and it has to be stopped once and for all. Xavius is the corrupter of the dream. In the Legion expansion we are finally taking the fight to him, the heroes of the world must rise up to vanquish this ancient evil threatening to destroy the world.

Getting a Heroic Emerald Nightmare Carry would be one of the best options to go to when clearing the raid. You have to be able to go through the raid efficiently and finish off the evil inside quickly.

Many of the green dragons were corrupted and some of the old iconic old world boss dragons are now corrupted as well. Going through and finish them off will not be an easy task at all, purchasing a Emerald Nightmare Heroic Boost would be the fastest and safest way for you to clear out the raid. We are only using the top guilds for this so you can rest assured that the raid will be completed with minimal to no wipes at all.

What will you get when you buy Emerald Nightmare Heroic Boost? You will get all the loot for your assigned spec/class and if you got a bonus package such as a mount run or a second run or off spec then you would get that as well. The Emerald Nightmare is going to prove to be one of the most challenging raids inn history so getting yourself a Emerald Nightmare Heroic Boost would not be bad.