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Hey there young summoners, and maybe the not so young ones. Today I’m here to talk to you about the time it takes to finish an ELO boost and why it may change depending on many circumstances. You will also learn a bit of the intricacies of how this is done and the type of people that do this service for you.

As you already read in a previous blog (you did, right?) then you might know that ELO boosting is all about time, and how long it takes for a booster to be done with the order so he can move to the next one.

However… there are certain things to consider, first and foremost we’ve got security, the security of the accounts of our customers is the highest priority we have in this company and therefore we do things maybe a little bit differently than other websites that do Elo boosting.

The first thing that we do is that we assign an account per booster until the entire elo boost is finished, and the reason we do this is to ensure that there will be no discrepancies within IP’s or anything like that in your account, thus give it an extra layer of security.

This means that your League of Legends account won’t be played 24/7 which is also a red flag in RIOT’s eyes if you didn’t know that already.

With that out of the way, you can expect a tier gain per day, from a booster that plays only -10 hours in a given day, you might also realize that the higher you climb into the Platinums and Diamonds then you might see a slower increase in rating therefore it might take a bit more than that.

A safe bet would be to calculate the amount of wins that you require to move from division to division and then estimate that each game would take about 30 minutes or so, from there you will get a good estimate about how long it will take (we will also implement a calculator within the boosting page of our website that will tell you how much in average it would take for your particular boost to be done).

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