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A lot of times people seem to hit a plateau in which they can’t seem to find a way out, they can’t seem to break it and for some reason this bothers them and sometimes this causes either tilt or they just quit the game altogether.

I’ve seen this far too many times within League of Legends and other games as well, so this is how you should avoid this and how you can improve to become a much better player and KEEP progressing.

So most plateaus are known as ELO hell, although it’s strange because there seems to be an “elo hell” in every single division that you reach. Fear now this is only temporary as long as you follow the next steps I’ll teach you:

You should begin by working into some form of discipline approach, like you read before in the how to become a challenger series. This will put you into a set time-frame per day in which you will TRAIN League of Legends.

I’ll assume that you already know that mindlessly grinding the same division hoping for a miracle will not take you anywhere anytime.

So the key here is consistency, not so much frequency but consistency, that’s our main goal for this steady progression and you will see it pays off as a steady and nice increase in skills over the weeks and months.

Another very important thing that you ABSOLUTELY have to do is go “ham” in every single game, ignore the trolls and just go for your objective and play your absolute best you can, this will keep you extremely busy in every single situation you encounter within every game and what this will create is a habit for you to process tons of information very rapidly and with no effort.

Do not, DO NOT play in a laid-back manner ever, be as try-hard as you possibly can, this is training not just “chilling” so keep that in mind all the time.

You will soon realize that you cannot possibly keep up with how “ham” you’re going at all times so as mentioned before, you will also stop and take breaks or just stop the League session for that day.

Remember we’re aiming for consistency and not frequency here, 1-2 hours a day going insane in every single game will get you a lot further than playing for 8 hours a day just “chilling”.

Do everything within your power to make the game a win, seriously.

You will see amazing results and a nice steady climb in progress and skill this way, trust me, I’ve been in your position before and what made me break platinum and reach challenger tier was doing that, applying principles that I’d been studying with other sports and activities.

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