Web Browser.
Ranked SoloQ with multiple people.
Ping checker so you can check if you’re lagging before you join a game.
Appear Offline.
Auto-Accept Queue button.
Auto-Lock Champion button.
Instantly call role when you join the ranked lobby.
• In-game settings (Resolution, Sound) can be changed in the client, BEFORE you start a game.
• Install custom HUD’s .
• Customize login page Image.
• Customize background Image.
• Color Themes.
Improved Match History system.

$1.99 daily / $5.99 biweekly / $9.99 monthly

2 days of FREE TRIAL to test with friends

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Launcher X gives you the ability no other League of Legends client can. It enables you to queue up for the ranked SOLO ladder with up to 3 other friends. This can be done with these simples steps (put hyperlink here for the instuctions.)

Did you know that 86% of League of Legends soloQ games are lost because teammates lack coordination and strategy and end up throwing the game? With this client you’ll be able to climb the ladder with ease. Imagine the benefits brought of playing with friends you know and are able to communicate with through communication software instead of just typing.

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after the download

Joining a solo queue with friends it’s not the only feature, we focus on minimalist design so that you focus on only what’s important for the game to get the perfect queue, this tells the amount of people that are in queue for you particular division range as well as enabling chat enhancing functionalities that will allow you to select your status within it.

This paired with the revolutionary functionality of this amazing League of Legends Hack will bring you and your friends to divisions that you would have never imagined possible.

Thousands of man hours were (and still are) put into this to ensure that you will get the best experience within the game that we all love and play almost every day.

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The Right Tool For The Right Solution. Launcher X.


Normal Launcher Functionalities.

Everything that is possible with the old client that launches the game are exactly the same, we just took it a step further to make it even better and enable you extra things.

Game Remains Unchanged.

The game itself after it’s been launched and you are inside, remains exactly the same, there is no modification or alteration of it, your User Interface and server responses are the exact same.

More Possibilities.

Very soon you and your friends will realize that this is the ONLY way to go about playing League of Legends, you will carry the games easily and forget about the low Elo Rapidly.

We Provide Ways To Make Your Skills Excel

The combination of many factors that came into play with this project made it one of the best if not THE best method for you to have a real edge over your opponents.

Thousands of hours of testing and coding with the help of Challengers and developers made this possible becoming the best gaming solution for League.

Many surveys indicated to us that this would be a game changer because the main reason why a game is lost in League of Legends is due to lack of coordination.

Constant updates and support from the best developers in the field will make sure that your experience as well as your friends experience is most enjoyable.

Launcher X The Best League of Legends Hack

With the help of the best developer team out there we managed to create a unique and really powerful LoL Hack that will definitely revolutionize the way that cheats and exploits impact a game.

This is the Launcher X, the best creation based on an already powerful client. Our developers enhanced the functionalities and the capabilities and produced the most used and powerful exploit for League.

The Creation of this Hack

As we all know and no need to take surveys to get to this conclusion; the game of League of Legends is extremely frustrating for only 1 reason, and this is the simple fact that it’s a ranked solo queue, impossible to climb up the ladders on your own depending on complete strangers.

This lead to the creation of this exploit based on a very well done previous launcher. We took the best developers and the best base with the help of Challengers and Diamond 1’s from League of Legends and put this together with the best modifications and enhancements possible to make this the ultimate way to play League.

Top League of Legends Developers

The team of programmers that was put together this mod was astonishing and very efficient in pin pointing what had to be done and fixing what wasn’t working while at the same time improving the code and making it much cleaner and safer for the user.

Developing the best safe league of legends cheat engine was not an easy task however with the help of the correct people and having the ideal base to start then the job was made a lot easier.

Developing a Hack

Trying to come up with something completely new is something that not a lot of people venture to do, however a very successful formula is taking something that already exists and then make it better, make it easy and accessible to the public, and that’s exactly what we did, we took the founding stones and the basis of something existing and made it a lot better.

As mentioned with the help of some of the best League of Legends players out there we managed to make this amazing cheat the best one out there in the market, this is simply better than any other LoL exploit out there due to the simple concept that it is based around, despite being a very complex software to write.

Will this exploit work?

It will definitely work, in fact it will work so good that you will be extremely surprised at the amazing power that this brings to your game, climbing the rankings will be a joke to you when you see for yourself how truly wonderful it is.

Normal LoL Hacks and cheats are based in modifying the game, making changes that will alter the way you play and will alter the way that you manipulate your character within the game, this is different, our version will change something simple, it will allow you to queue with your friends in ranked games, up to 4 players of the same team, in a 5v5 ranked solo queue game (not “solo” anymore as you can imagine) making winning games extremely easy because you got all the communication and expertise of your friends who are also playing with you, communicating with you and just doing what they are supposed to be doing, without altering anyone’s game.

Will this affect my game?

No this will not affect your game, in fact this has little interaction with the game, it’s basically a modified version of the launcher which “launches” the game, but the game itself is the same and will remain the same, this has no impact on the playability of your League of Legends in-game performance. This is not just a LoL cheat engine.

Is my LoL Account safe with this Hack?

Yes it is, in fact we don’t store that information anywhere because it is done directly through the official API, we have nothing to do with your account, that is completely separate from us.

You will get an account from us that will enable you access to our LoL Hack to get the support and updates and enable the features that you were looking for, that account is separate from your normal game account.

Will I get banned?

Short answer: No. This launcher has many functionalities that are much better than the normal ones, that being said, the functionalities that it enables you to have will be extremely powerful, like a team-based queue in ranked games.

After purchasing you will receive a set of recommendations that will minimize the risk of getting banned, the reason for this is that, despite being completely undetectable, you WILL WIN almost every game, therefore for someone watching it will look rather suspicious if you have 20+ winstreaks all the time.

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