Premium LoL Accounts

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Features & Specs:

  • Level 30
  • Unranked
  • 30k+ IP
  • 3 Rune Pages
  • Manually Leveled
  • Verified Email
  • Random Natural Name
  • 24 Hour Delivery


The benefits of a smurf are endless, to begin with you will end up playing your smurf just as much if not even more as your main league of legends account because this will be your training place. You can afford to lose matches for the sake of learning new skills, of trying out our guides or simply just trying to learn new champions.

Being able to play more will also enhance your skillsets just by default, you will be able to put more hours into the game and this will naturally translate into better games, higher divisions and an easier learning curve for you.

Dedicating yourself to new champions, new builds, new runes, etc. Will make you learn what the others do, how they play and also how they play against you, forcing you to understand the intricacies of every different combination of skills and strategies that the enemy will throw at you.

using a smurf to learn Draven

Level 30 Unranked Features:

All of these come in Level 30 unranked ready for you to tackle the ELO ladder by starting to play ranked.
Summoner names are randomized and follow no pattern whatsoever; if you’d like a specific name then you can create one yourself and we can do the power leveling for you.

An email is provided with every single LoL Account which is un-verified, what this means is that is your duty to verify it, this creates a level of protection to you making sure that you are in complete control after you purchase them.

There are no bots involved in the leveling of these, so please allow us to deliver your order in a reasonable time for our players to get it to level 30, this of course if they are out of stock, normally you get them in 24 hours and have nothing to worry about.

30000 IP with 3+ rune pages comes as standard for our smurfs, however we often give more than that simply because we like to randomize the points to ensure safety. No champions included.

League’s Increased Security:

We offer our services in EUW, EUNE, NA, TR, and RU.

Unlike other services we use VPNs to level the accounts to 30 with a location close to the destination server always changing the IP to never make it the same per every single smurf, this ensures that there is an increased level of security.

You can contact us directly through our chat and get one of the most voted solid support systems through reputable support centers in the entire industry.

using lol accounts to try new champions

Time to get a proper lvl 30 smurf:

Getting from level 1 to level 30 in LoL takes in average 65 days to complete by the normal player (one the plays a lot) and this will be a plateau in your performance because you won’t be able to try out new champions, new runes, new builds, etc. Making it every difficult for you to progress without damaging the current ELO that you’ve got.

This is the perfect solution for you to try new things as well as giving you a fresh start from bronze 5 to have a higher win-ratio resulting in better results overall.