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*if you are interested in an account with specific IP/champions/runes/division then asks us at and we’ll get you the specific account you want.

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LoL Account General description

Lvl 30 League of Legends Account that comes unranked.

Names are random however if you want a name then we can do a power-leveling service for your current account.

Each account has an email which is either unverified or verified, in either case you can change that when you log into the game and league of legend’s website for account management.

All the accounts are naturally leveled and there were no bots involved into the leveling process which makes them safe and uncompromised in any way.

All the accounts come with 30k+ IP.

All the accounts come with 3 rune pages.

If we have our product in stock you’ll receive the details via email within 24 hours, please check your spam folder in your email client.

If the product isn’t in stock then you’ll receive the details as soon as we get more accounts in stock.

All the sales are final for this product and can’t be refunded.

Frequently asked questions

-24 hour period for you to get your account.

-All accounts vary their IP

-No champions or runes, if you are interested in specific champions or runes then asks us here:

-Change email and password by loging into the official league of legends website here: