LoL Duo Queue ELO Boost

This gives you the same benefits of solo queue boosting because they both share the same ranking rating, the only difference is that you will play your own account throughout the entire boost and you will follow the lead of a Challenger of Diamond player who will be your booster.

duo queue elo boosting

Better than Normal Solo Queue Elo Boosting

This player will play in a smurf account with you until you reach your desired rating. You will be able to learn while you play at the same time.

duo queue coachingThe quality of our duo queue boosters will be the same as the quality of our normal boosters.

As you can see we have several packages from which you can choose from, the maximum package includes not only the duo queue boosting but it also includes a post-game analysis, voice communication as well as in-game real time coaching from our booster.

Remember that like this you are purchasing wins with our boosters, this is not the normal safe division elo boost service that we offer normally here; the reason is that our boosters will play with you, under your time all the time.

You can set times with our boosters to match the play-times and queue together.

Depending on the package that you select you will be able to have extra-communication and extra “perks” that a normal boost would never get.

Keep on playing in Duo queue

Once the wins have been completed you will be able to purchase more wins with the same boosters or a new one depending on how you feel like.

Learn a lot more in real-time with this type of boost, you will also be able to ask our booster ¬†questions in real time about the game and he’ll be able to answer them almost immediately. This is regardless if you get one of the packages with voice communication or without it.

The text communication will always be available regardless of the package that you chose to buy.

let's get a duo queue elo boostIn-Game Real Time Coaching

The highest package will grant you with not only voice communication but it will also give you the chance to get real time in-game coaching with one of the best players in the game as well as analyzing your game afterwards to fix the leaks in your game and get some ELO on your own as well.

This combines the benefits of normal coaching with Elo Boosting because you will be able to play your own character while at the same time someone is telling you what you should fix in your game and also answer every single question that you have about it.

Best Boosting Deal

Considering that the normal coaching is charged per hour, this is a bargain because all these wins summed up will last more than 1 hour and it will be in-game real time coaching as well.