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Put your account in the hands of professionals, players that have been pushing Divisions of customers since the birth of the game. With all the standard features within the industry to ensure security and much more exclusive measures that we take in order to enhance the performance and security of your ELO Boost through us.

Real Challenger players who have been in the Summoner’s Rift for more than you can imagine, making it extremely effective as well as fast! No need to look for third parties to get your Division raised, this is the best service online for League of Legends!

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Unique features that characterize our service such as optional DUO queue, delayed natural rating growth, unique ultra-fast VPNs in all the regions of the world, encrypted player computers to put an extra layer of security for all the accounts of our customers when our professional Challenger players take your division higher.

We also offer side to side coaching in-game with the same players, giving you an edge over any other normal LoL player; correcting your mistakes within minutes and teaching you how you can WIN your games in the most efficient way possibly by any player of any kind.



We count with the top challenger players in the world having outstanding win-loss records and being handpicked multiple Diamond I and Challenger players with years of experience in solo and duo queue to ensure the effectiveness as well as efficiency to our customers.




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After seasons of challenger and diamond 1 as well as treating with customers day in and day out our team has been able to develop the skills that not only takes to be a really skillful and exceptional league of legends player but a great professional as well.

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Thousands of customers prefer our services due to the experience and efficiency as well as the communication channels we provide between them and our players; League is our passion and we’ve performed these services over and over to the point where it’s just natural to us and our players.

Our general review rating: 5

Total reviews and counting: 3861


Enhanced Account Safety

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After working with the best in the world and delivering to thousands of happy customers we know the importance of the security for your account which is why our service is done with 1 player per order, compared to other websites giving your account away to multiple players; security is our top priority and by doing that we’ve consistently gotten happy customer after happy customer.

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incredibly fast i was not expecting that at all, really happy about this service
yotu****mer, NA
really helpful when i wanted to check out the statistics and everything
ear****ane, EUNE
i’ll use them again for my other smurf accounts 10/10 service and customer care for sure
adr****more, EUW
these boosters are incredible, not even close to other ones, they did it so quick and with a 100% winrate up until diamond.
jty****sern, OCE
my booster was rather silent but aside from that he did the job in no time and helped me with some free tips after
i think i’ll never use any other service than this, super good
tyk****ash, TR

Get into the division that you want, we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you!

Find yourself in a position in which you won’t ever have a need to be grinding through game after game with horrible team-mates that do nothing but drag you down, we know how it is, every single player of this game understands and knows exactly how it is. Although… there’s no need for that anymore, bringing you the best service in-game for you to exit the slog through awful conditions and enter a new framework in which your team-mates won’t be the cause of your grief any longer.

With years’ worth of experience across hundreds of Challenger players eager to take your account with the most caution and the most professionalism and efficiency you’ll quickly and safely get into that division that you’ve always wanted to play in.


This game our passion and we thrive to deliver our customers with the best and most personal service that we can; sharing your account throughout various players just to get it done the quicker has proven to compromise the security of it, and we stay away from that entirely by assigning only one of the top players to your account to make it seem as natural as possible. No more worrying for your account whenever someone else plays it, we just take that out of the entire equation to bring you the best service we can.

Our LoL Boost process is pretty simple actually and that’s where we shine among the others; the first step is simply to look at your current division and then to pick in what new division you want to be in; after that you just process your order and we will gladly contact you as soon as possible directly to the information that you put in, assigning you to our challenger or diamond 1 player that will be taking care of your LoL account.

Automated replies from a programmed support bot is never the way to do things when dealing with specific requests by specific customers, which is why we based our entire system in the fact that you are assigned with a specific player every single time throughout the entire process, clearing doubts and working together with him in order to get your rating increase done.

The majority of our customers prefer it this way because they know they’re dealing with a person and not with a machine that doesn’t understand simple things.

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The reason why we’ve consistently taken accounts from any starting division and raised their MMR so high over and over again is because we only deal with the top of the line experienced suppliers; it’s very easy to get a supplier player that is a challenger or diamond 1 player, but the hard part is making sure that he’s a professional and dedicated player to league of legends and has experience dealing with customers on a daily basis; that’s what really separates a great booster from just a pretty diamond 1 badge.

In the world of MMR pushing, giving back to the community is essential because we create good bonds with our customers, we constantly open up discounts as well as every 10th order we give away a FREE coaching session on the house. As well as providing you with completely free guides and blogs which you can read and they are more general ways in which you can improve your skill level within the game, we make sure that your MMR gets higher and stays there for as long as possible and we also provide you amazing content for you to make sure you keep climbing on your own until you reach your top level of gaming.

We consider that this is absolutely important because it’s not just about the divisions, it’s about making sure that our customer gets much better at the solo queue game and LoL in general.


After developing and testing we’ve come up with 2 different MMR carry systems that you will choose directly with us, one of which has a significant security increase; to explain why there are 2 ways of doing this, I’ll give 2 examples:

1. A player has been stuck in Silver 4 for 2 months and has been playing about 3-4 games a day; suddenly one day his IP changes and within 2-3 days he ends up in Gold 1 or Platinum 5; and he did that while his chat was completely silent for those particular days.

2. A player has been stuck in Silver 4 for 2 months and has been playing about 3-4 games a day; suddenly one day his IP changes but he maybe climbs to Silver 3, plays 2 more games and logs off, the next day he plays a little bit more and climbs to Silver 2, tries to get higher but losses a placement match; throughout the course of 7 to 15 days he does that and eventually in a very natural progression he reaches Gold 1 or Platinum 5 while having an active chat all along.

Darius vs Draven

platinum plus champion

Which of the 2 examples do you think is the most evident case of LoL Carrying?

Exactly, it’s pretty obvious that #1 is an evident case and easy to pick up by RIOT or just by your friends in general.

We’ve never had problems with accounts of customers by doing either of the 2 methods because of the extra security that we provide to your account, but we like to vary and encourage our customers to consider both methods simply because going an extra mile for the sake of security is always beneficial.

Saying that I hope that you understand that we go that extra mile for the security of our customers because you are of upmost importance to us.

However method #2 is harder for our players to achieve in a regular boosting environment, even though it’s the most preferred method by our customers, which is why we have a limit per week of how many orders we can take in method #2.

If you see a button in our order form that allows you to check “Natural” then it means that our extra secure method will be available for that order and you can get on board with it when placing your boosting order.

With all that being said if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, as you can see there’s a chat window at the bottom of the website for you to ask us anything related to an ELO duo queue carry in any of the regions being NA, EUW, EUNE, TR, RU, LAN, LAS, or OCE, we provide the same service for any of the regions in the same exact fashion for all.

If you find yourself struggling in bronze, silver, gold and even platinum then considering raising your rating by a trusted third party is not out of reach and unheard of, you’d be surprised at the incredible amount of people that actually get these effective division boosts because they easily take your rating to a point where you will stop being in the same team as the bad players that you don’t want to play with over and over while they drag your games through the mud.

Raising your elo can be one of the most beneficial actions you can take when it comes to getting better at the game for tons of different reasons as you’ve read before; so order now with one of our top players and get that rating that you deserve.

How it works:

  1. Pick the your current and desired division on the calculator found at the top.
  2. Decide if you want it to be done in duo queue or solo queue with account sharing.
  3. Fill in the details in the form such as: skype, email, user, password, region.
  4. Proceed to the payment gateway and finish the order process there.
  5. After getting redirected back to our website you will find yourself with a member’s area in which you will have an account created for you with the same details that you put into the form you filled previously.
  6. Await for the assigned player to pick your recent order. He will start playing approximately 30 minutes after he picked the order.
  7. You shall remain logged off from your account at all times while this is being processed, otherwise you will disconnect the player and you’ll cause a lose within the game. (This will be discounted from your original order).
  8. Our player will go through all his security checks and start playing your account until he reaches the desired division, depending on the gap between divisions this might take anywhere from 1 to 8 days.
  9. The order will be marked as finished once the division to division raise has been completed and finished.
  10. You can go ahead and change your password now, because we will not log into your account again; unless you want to upgrade to a higher target division.

All of this applies to Solo queue, the difference from Duo queue would be that after our player picks your order you will then be contacted through the chat system and use that as instant messaging to work out a schedule between you and the player in which the two of you can play for a certain period of time.

Please make sure to follow the steps and pay close attention to the account login while it’s being played, this is very important as it means a lost in time and rating.

Proceed to our calculator to start the process of getting your MMR to where you want it!