EU West Elo Boosting

elo map in EU westThis is perhaps the most varied region of the entire League of Legends, and what I mean by varied is that it has a mix of all the types of players out there making it a very dynamic and difficult region to be a part of and to try to climb the ladders of the divisions on your own.

With that being said, it’s not impossible and we will tell you exactly how to accomplish that step by step and the reasoning behind it.

Boosting is a Tool for you to use

Firstly you need to consider Elo Boosting as something different than the misconception that it normally is attached to it, being in EU West or any other region.

You have to see boosting the same way as the top players that got there saw it as, they saw it as a tool to use and not something that should be frowned upon.

Furthermore, it’s not dishonest or anything like that to use said tool because it just pushes you upwards in the ELO ladder and it makes you play and learn with the better players that you were playing with before.

truth about boosting in euwSteps to raise your ELO in EUW (especially):

So step 1 and why it’s a reasonable approach to increasing you Elo:

You might find it extremely difficult to play with people that just do not care one bit about the game what so ever, that they just afk and feed day in and day out to the point where there is nothing left for you to do than to surrender or join them afking while you watch a movie or something like that.

It’s true, it happens to everyone, it had happened to most of us in the past.

You are very sure that your abilities as a player are not being exploited to the maximum because the team-mates with whom you are being matched with are just dragging you down and halting your progress to improve.

It’s true, it’s so true that you wouldn’t believe the amount of players that after a boost stay in that division forever. It’s because they actually belong there from the beginning and again the reason why you’re playing in a lower division and you can’t climb up is entirely your random afk team-members.

Step 2:

Try to see what type of playstyle you have and if you fit your target ELO.

This is easier said than done, but let’s be honest here, if you are a bronze 5 player for example, it will be very difficult to suddenly take place in a ranked diamond 1 game and do well.

So consider that and be realistic, most people fit perfectly when they are taken 1 or 2 (max) divisions from their current one. This will ensure that they will learn fairly quickly how much differently the games actually play like in that higher division, but not in a huge division leap, a huge ELO Boost that will take you where you don’t belong.

Don’t stop learning to keep improving in the ELO ladders of EUW.

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Another important thing to consider is that you cannot stop learning, even after being placed in a higher division where you belong, it doesn’t mean that you should stay there for the rest of forever, keep improving and learning and keep climbing to become a really awesome player that will not even remember how the bronze and silver elos were.

As a contrast we have the LAN & LAS increased ELO boosting crave for the players to get those shiny new division badges to show off to their friends or for whatever reason they decide on getting these type of services from other players or reputable companies.