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  • We run our raids in personal-loot or master-loot mode giving everything that drops for your class and spec to you!
  • No Loot competition like other sites.
  • Completely self-play!
  • EU & US!
  • You can choose from any of the 6 bosses in Emerald Nightmare, Xavius, Trial of Valor.


  • Personal Loot vs Master Loot what is the difference? Personal Loot would allow you to get the raid much faster than master Loot and generally yields a bit less loot than Master Loot.
  • Master Loot raids have our raiders un saved and it is usually a bit longer of a wait time than Personal Loot yielding 1-3 more pieces on average as well.
  • What do most people prefer right now? Personal loot is great because some guild members may be able to trade you items if they are not saved and you usually get a decent amount of loot from them.
  • This is the Heroic Mode Version of Emerald Nightmare for a complete boost run with full loot by our top tier guilds.
  • We run this in MASTER LOOT, this also includes all the 13 bosses of the instance along with the achievements for killing each boss and some extra-perks.
  • We do NOT perform this with account sharing so please make sure you read all of our requirements at the bottom of this page for more information on how you can join our raids.
  • You’re not required to have any specific gear
  • The carry is completed usually between 1 to 2 nights
  • Our guilds won’t send or receive any in-game messages which makes Skype a requirement for you to be in contact with the guilds before, during and after the runs
  • Some guilds might ask you to bring some potions or flasks as they see fit, keep in mind that this is a self-play without any account sharing so listening to the guilds is a must
  • Because we do all of our heroic Emerald Nightmare carries in a self-play mode, if you can’t make it to the raid-times then we can offer you a pilot for no extra cost, however make sure that the account is ready before the raid starts to avoid any delays or skipping the raid altogether
  • Remember that you’re getting a spot into our calendars and raid nights to please let us know if you can’t make it beforehand so we can reschedule for another week or get a pilot for you

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Normal, Heroic, Mythic


Single Boss (any boss) PL, Xavius PL, Single Boss (any boss) ML, Xavius ML