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Get the Rewards, Rating and Gear that you deserve, we take care of it

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Rank 1 US team Exclusive Offer Ends In:

Currently Only Available for Alliance

Rating Boosts


  • 1500 rating
  • Sergeant Major
  • First Sergeant


  • 1600 rating
  • Knight
  • Stone Guard


  • 1700 rating
  • Knight-Lieutenant
  • Blood Guard


  • 1800 rating
  • Knight-Captain
  • Legionnaire


  • 1900 rating
  • Knight-Champion
  • Centurion

Primal Ratings


  • 2000 Rating
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Champion
  • Elite Gear


  • 2200+ rating
  • Marshal
  • General
  • Elite Gear
  • Weapon Enchant
  • Hero Title

*Service currently not available in horde.
*services are piloted by our pvpers
*you CAN chose to do self-play for an extra cost
*please be in full current PvP gear

How the Boost works:

Step 1: You decide which rating will suit you best for the rewards you’ll be given.

Step 2: Pick your region, faction, class and spec to play.

Step 3: Select if you want to receive your rewards via self play or piloted.

Step 4: Complete the order.

Step 5: We will contact you via in-game (make sure there is enough room in your friend-list), through skype or email to notify you of the time and day this will be performed.

Step 6: You show yourself at that time and day (can be changed as per your request / If self-play was selected).

Step 7: We take care of the rest.

Rbg boosts

Are of the same quality of players that do them as the arena boosts. Rbg services require some of the highest coordination in the game Rbgs consist of 10 people and the enemy team is usually just as skilled as your team.

Our players are an exception to this we never fail in boosting anyone in rbgs. Our service is excellent and exceptional, not one failiure in 2 years and we will never have one. The amount of coordination the RBG boosts take is just off the charts at high level ratings.

We will guide you

rbg boost taking place

If you play your own character or if you are being piloted we will get you your desired titles at double the speed even.Obtaining an rbg achievement in higher rating is no easy feat it is comparable to being rank one in arenas and killing the end game boss of the expansion on heroic.

Grand Marshal and High Warlord titles are super rare as they are, but the even rarer ones are the hero titles. Less the 0.1% of players have a hero title. Hero titles are considered on par with the rarest titles in the game, titles are special because it indicates the hard work or not so hard work you’ve but into it.

The more prestigious of titles

Are end game boss title and arena rank 1 title and the hero rbg titles. Hero titles might be the most difficult to earn since the coordination in rbgs is just off the charts and more than most of the population can handle.

They require super amounts of concentration and skill. Rbgs are also considered some of the most fun and interactive pvp services, being in a group of 10 people is just the icing on the cake for bg lovers most of the time.

…The rbg boost service

We Provide

Is just one of a kind, the players are of quality you have never seen before. All of our players have a combined experience of 100+ years(literally) and they wont and never fail in doing rbg boosts.

They are the top of the top in the ladders players you have seen on streams before, you watch them on how to get better and you see how they play. It is a quality experience and like none other you will buy again. We guarantee the delivery of the service you bought no matter what you buy or anything at that matter.

rated battlegrounds start

We will provide you with quality experience and services at all times during the carrying. Rbgs are the best to work with sine they are very interactive with our customers and players alike.

Some things that might help you with your trajectory towards achieving these titles is maximizing your character, a good thing to do so are these wow guides for leveling professions.

We will give you

A custom experience at all times in the rated battlegrounds, feel free to ask our players about anything and if you have any questions they are there to ask them. Questions can be anything related to the service!

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