what to do while you get an elo boost

Ok this might come out as a surprise to most of you but trust me when I say that there are tons of people that don’t know what to do before, during and after an elo boost happens.

So let’s start with the preparation before you get the boost, first of all you might want to stop playing altogether, even if the boost will be done in 1 hour or 2 days from when you bought it.

The reason is that you might change your division and league and end up lower or higher than you first started when you purchased the ELO boost. (most common is dropping) and when this happens you will be just boosted to the amount of wins that it might have taken the booster to finish you order.

And the reason is very simple, Elo boosting works by time, the time of a player boosting your account. We can’t just squeeze some extra games in the time frame that our booster plays.

For what to do while you’re being boosted, this might sound redundant but I assure you that a lot of people don’t do this, but you MUST NOT PLAY while the booster is in your account, the reason is that you will simply disconnect him and then he will lose that game, and as we said before, boosting works by time and by amount of wins, if you take time and wins from the ELO booster then we will find ourselves in a position in which we will have to discount those wins from the total that we had to give you in the first place.

So PLEASE do not log into your account until your boost is done, and for the love of everything that is holy, do NOT PLAY while the booster is not playing your account and he’s not done yet.

If you lose in that rating then again, we will discount those possible wins from the division and leagues that you asked us to boost you.

And last but not least, after the boost is done, just practice and feel comfortable in the new ELO and feel how players just grind the game in your new division before you go all out and end up tilting as we mentioned in our previous blog post.

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