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They help your character get their power increased in turn making the game better for you. You can purchase WoW items in US & EU the two most popular regions in the game. Legion has brought back not only old players but also new players to the game. The game now has more items than ever spanning over 5 expansions now. With this many items mounts have also gotten an increase in quantity although those are purely cosmetic.


Buy items and gold in Legion using our high end and fast delivery services. It has never been safer and easier to purchase gold, mounts or items than it is now. There are more methods to ensure your safety than there has ever been. When WoW items and mounts were still being traded regularly it was easy to get caught and detected by Blizzard. Players used get banned and detected by Blizzards systems very quickly in the past expansions.


Now we use many methods to ensure account protection and security for you to ensure that this does not happen like it used to. Farming the items also used to take much longer than it does now. Items in Legion vary from raid items, wow mounts, flasks and gems. Whatever your needs are we got you covered. We farm all of our items by hand meaning we do not use third party systems like many other companies out there do.


Safely purchase WoW in-game items

The delivery is also faster where as in other areas you would get the items delivered in over 24 hours, here its a mere 2 hours at the most as long as you are around for the delivery of course! In Wrath of the Lich King the story was very different you would have to wait quite a long in order to receive your items.

Now in Legion things are much better since we have many systems in place and you can safely and securely purchase wow items without any worries about your account security among many issues that there were in the past. If you had to pinpoint at which point it is the safest and best period to buy these items it would have to be in Legion. Legion not only has more items than every other expansion it also has the most useful ones.

Elitist Gaming has one of the largest selection of items and mounts available in the entire WoW market, whether for US or EU region players. We sell items in the following categories: Weapon, Armor, Container, Consumables, Trade Goods, Gem, Recipe, Miscellaneous, Quest, Battle Pets, and BOP Items. All items are searchable from within our member’s area from a giant library of 690 (and growing) items and up to 46 mounts. Items can then be broken down into sub categories from those larger categories for individualization. You can also search by name, item level, and price.

Nearly all items are available in both US and EU locations and live chat support can verify supply and stock before purchase. If in the event we are unable to fulfill your order, your order will be immediately refunded. We have several sellers who offer these items and items appear within 30 seconds of ordering for fulfillment so you will never be waiting for too long. You will be able to speak with your seller via live chat to coordinate the best time. When purchasing an item you will provide your Character Name, Realm, and Faction so that we can best pick the correct seller for you.

You should expect delivery within 24-48 hours depending on the time ordered (for example, some sellers are from Asia whilst others are from Europe) and different time zones and holidays that may interfere.


100% Available in US & EU

With prismatic sockets being the prime designator in warforged gear gems are stronger than they ever have been. Gems increase your stats hundreds of points now compared to just a couple of points a few expansion ago.You can safely buy WoW in-game items with us knowing that we prioritize your accounts security and you are our number one priority.

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