2000 Rating RBG BOOST

Includes the 2000 rated battleground rating and title achievement.
Allows you to buy elite PvP gear.
Please be in current season gear before purchasing this product.

Cost: $249.99

2000 rbg rating boost

So our good friend John came to us looking to boost the rating of his character in Rated Battle Grounds, he wanted a conservative rating in which he would feel like he could play in the future with ease.

We recommended him to go for a 2000 rating in RBGs simply because it’s the easiest and most reliable bracket in which players can easily learn the game a couple notches above the average and very hard to climb 1600 bracket.

So he did, he got the 2000 rating boost and onward we went to deliver the service.

A week or so later he got his rating and he could then finally get into a team that had such a rating experience in their hands.

When he started playing he was kind enough to tell us his experience and how good or bad he was going to perform, just to see if the boost was worth it or not, aside from the obvious title, achievement and gear rewards; which you get anyways.

After a couple games he felt that the players he was dealing with were very skilled making the Rated Battle Ground matches very competitive and full of skill.

He also noticed that his team was very well organized and he could easily follow the instructions as they were obvious to understand in terms of strategy; something that he never felt he could get when he was playing in lower brackets, simply because people didn’t know what they were doing; which is awful to try and learn how to play these rated battle grounds in such a fashion.

He then mentioned us that he was looking for something more challenging and then he was interested in getting a 2.2k rating in RBGs so that he could try and see how close to the hero title these people were playing and if he would be able to match them in a competitive environment without much hassle or without just going back down to the rating he was comfortable at before.

Read the next part of the story to find out if John could actually perform well or not!