2200 Arena Rating Boost

Includes the 2200 rating along with elite gear and weapon enchant in-game.

This is done in 3 versus 3 arenas.

Gets you the Three’s Company achievement.

Please be in FULL current season PvP gear before purchasing this product.

If you’re not in full gear then we have a service that will help you get it here.


*cosmetic rewards subject to change

2200 rating arena carry

Now let’s look at the new rating achievement right after 2000 rating which you might be interested in.

The infamous 2200 rating in 3v3 arenas for World of Warcraft.

This current bracket will enable you to play with far better players than ever before and will definitely make you learn the game much quicker than on your own trying to grind your way through awful team-mates that put no effort into the game at all.

This will give you the “three’s company 2200” achievement which is part of the “Arena Master” achievement and unlock a set of “ELITE” gear only obtainable to those who play PVP within this rating or higher.

It will also give you the unique weapon enchants that are also exclusive ONLY to the people who play in arenas 3v3 or 5v5 at a rating equal or higher than 2200 making it a visible stamp that you are an elite and skillful player of this game.

The current process for this arena rating boost and how we deliver it is pretty similar to the previous rating of 2000.

The only slight modification aside from the rating difference of course is that our boosters will prefer to play the arena 3v3 games spread out during the course of 3 to 5 days in order to make sure that your account will be secure for the entire time while our boost is being done.

As explained before this will account for a more natural looking growth in rating that will keep your account safe at all times.

Like it was mentioned previously we’ve had no issues with any accounts after thousands of 2200 arena boosts being done before but taking extra measures will never be overlooked.

Given the current way we perform this arena boost we advice you to be a little bit more available through our chats and with the specific boosters in order for them to get access to your account for those days whenever they will start or reusme the service, this will make sure that it’s done smoothly and without delays.

League of Legends duo queue boosting has been around for quite some time now. Duo queue was initially not in the game when ranked release and was an addon late season 1 and early season 2 of the ranked season. League of Legends was built to be a competitive game right from the start. It didn’t take Riot long to implement the ranked feature shortly after season 1 launched. Many players clamored for a ranked section of the game.

At first Riot only had normal draft in place but after seeing the playerbase feedback they just made a ranked version that only went up to diamond at that point and the ELO system was still in place. Now a days Riot uses something called the rank/division system which many people consider to be superior to the ELO system in many ways. The ELO system had many drawbacks like being stuck in a certain position of your elo after winning multiple games repeatedly and not going up one bit. After seeing the success of what happened with the ranked system in general but not the ELO system Riot went ahead and implemented what is currently on the site. The ranked division system has been the norm since late season 2 and early season 3.

With the new system also came a bunch of new features like duo queue ranked play and later flex mode which was a whole separate division of ranked play. Soon the “ranked” system became called “soloqueue” which was the very competitive mode where the hardcore players could compete with one another and display their skills to the max. Flexed transcended the normal duoqueue limit and made it possible to have a full 5 man group while still being in ranked mode. The system to most of the playerbase is an improved version of normal draft, which for the longest time ever since ranked play came out and even more so now is considered the joke of league of legends and one of the least played game modes only second to Dominion which we won’t get into right now. Duoqueue has made it possible for people who don’t like to play seriously by themselves to bring one extra person along for the ride and in some cases a duo queue elo boost carry. Elo boost duoqueue carries are increasing in popularity since soloqueue carries are more easily traced by Riot themselves now.