2200+ RBG rating boost (Hero Title)

Includes the 2200 Rated Battle Ground Rating along with Hero title and achievement. Allows you to buy elite PvP gear and red weapon enchant. Be in at least in half current season gear before purchasing this product.

Cost: $500

This product will be piloted by our professional PvPers.

2200 rbg rating boost

Now we find John again in the 2.2k bracket which too us little to no time to deliver since it was only a 100 rating increase because he actually climbed up the ladders on his own for the time he was playing, although as mentioned before, he wanted something a little more challenging.

So here we are; we delivered the 2200 rating RBG boost to John relatively quick and onward he went to start playing very excitedly his character.

Very curious to see how the people in that bracket would play (this was before; when the old MMR system had the hero title at around 2400 rating or even higher, our story will continue up to “Hero Title Range”).

And what he found out was astonishing for him although of little surprise for us since our boosters dedicate themselves day in and day out to do this, and even if they aren’t boosting they are certainly playing the game for fun every day.

So what he did find is that the people in 2200 rating were miles better than the people in 2000 rating, and the reason wasn’t crazy skills, or crazy reflexes, of even crazy strategies; it was something a lot more simple that is often overlooked.

It’s the mindset, these people were close to the very top but not quite there yet, the mindset John says was very different because they would take the game as simple statistics and play accordingly, always ALWAYS wanting to improve as the days would go by, reading and practicing and even going as far as making alts to try new strategies in which they wouldn’t hurt the rating of their main character.

Playing Rated Battle Grounds one after another they would just find out what works and what doesn’t, it’s literally like boosting your own skill level.

He has this same sort of general attitude so he felt just like a fish in the water, his skill level was not quite there yet, we can’t lie to you; however he says that being next to these guys he was forced almost unconsciously to get better, just like them, and within a couple weeks he was playing hand in hand with the most fearless RBG players in the game of World of Warcraft.

Although a few weeks later…. he was still not satisfied, so he reached us again… You can read how the story unfolds for John in his quest to becoming the best RBG player he can be.