We know that climbing up the ranks in League of Legends can be a tedious job. In the lower ranks, you have to deal with toxic and incompetent teammates that just refuse to cooperate,  which is why you might benefit from boosting just to get you out of this elo hell and get you to where you should be.


If you are sick and tired of losing and being tilted all the time in your grind, then here is the chance to fix that! Here are 7 reasons why you might need elo boosting.



If you’ve played League for any amount of time, you know that each game can be stressful and time-consuming. Climbing up to Gold from Bronze might take you weeks, if not months. You might not have enough time and effort in a day to grind to the ranks that you know you can get to, which is why you should leave it to those who are devoted and dedicated to the arts of winning LoL games.


These pro boosters know the best strategies and they can execute them effectively and efficiently to make sure that they win as many games as possible. You can go about your day and come back home to see your ranking increased dramatically. Now, you will be matched with more competent teammates that won’t run down mid and int when they get first-blooded.



The rank in LoL is a status symbol, and everybody who plays the game knows this. If you have a group of friends who play the game, you know that they can be competitive at times. With your newly acquired rank, you can flaunt it in your friends’ face so that they will stop making fun of you for being stuck in a lower rank!



As your account rises through the ranks, you get rare rewards that come from reaching a certain rank in a season. Champion skins, RP, and ward skins are some of the rewards you can get with each rank you climb. If you’re a collector but you just can’t seem to get past your ceiling, then allow a booster to break it for you. Instead of spending weeks grinding to Gold, Plat, or Diamond to get those skins for your favourite champions, just let a booster do it for you.



For 7 long Seasons, the cap for the account level had always been 30. However, at long last, Riot has finally lifted this cap at the start of Season 8 and allowed players to level up indefinitely. There are plenty of awards and prizes you can gain along the way at each level. By having a booster do all the hard lifting, you can enjoy all of these benefits without stress.



Again, we understand that playing at the lower ranks isn’t something that everybody enjoys. It’s toxic, stressful and can just be straight up unfun at times. The experience might just tilt you off your game, which will mean that you will lose more games, and the cycle goes on and on. If the grind through these muddy ranks isn’t something you want to deal with, why not just have somebody else do it for you?


No matter where you think your skill level is at, just let your booster know. They will be able to reach that rank in a matter of days. You can finally enjoy the game the way it’s meant to be played and without nearly as much toxicity, afk, inting, and all of the problems that come with the Bronze tier.



The lower your rank is, the cheaper it becomes to boost out of, especially if your goal isn’t incredibly high. For example, the cost of boosting from Bronze III to Gold I might be much cheaper than from Diamond II to Masters. In the lower ranks, it will cost you literally in the tens of dollars per division.


Also, if you’re already at a decent rank and is just looking to make sure you win your promo games, just find a booster who can ensure that you win those 3 crucial games! No matter what rank you’re looking to get to, there’s an affordable boosting plan out there to accommodate your needs.



Ranks reset ever Season, and if you don’t play at least a game every day, your LP will deteriorate, which might cause you to be demoted. The higher ranks you are, the faster your ranks will drop if you don’t play at least one game daily. This means that you will have to put in the effort even to maintain the rank you want to be at. If you’ve reached the rank that you want and just want to stay there, just work with a booster to have them log in to your account and play some games every day.


Sometimes, you just have to be away from the game for a week or two, which means that your ranks will drop drastically during that period of time. By having a booster come in and play on your account for a few games a day, you can ensure that your LP slowly grows and you can keep your elo level until the next reset.


Knowing all of these benefits, it’s just not hard to see why so many people are using booster services. So if you can make use of the boosting system, why not do it? Contact a reputable booster in your region today and you’ll be at the division you want within days!