Antorus the Burning Throne Boost EU & US

The time has come to defeat the Burning Legion once and for all. The Legion’s crusade has to come to a stop now. We have invaded their home world and have taken the fight to them alongside Turalyon, Illidan, Velen and all the leaders of Azeroth. Destroying their base and ending the crusade Sargeras started long ago will decide the fate of all worlds, not just Azeroth’s.

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  • Full Clear
  • All Loot
  • Self Play
  • No ilevel requirement


  • Full Clear
  • All Loot
  • Self Play
  • No ilevel requirement


  • Full Clear
  • All Loot
  • Self Play
  • No ilevel requirement

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What are the benefits to purchasing an Antorus the Burning Throne boost?

• Achievements from the raid including a Feat of Strength one, Ahead of the Curve for normal and heroic modes, Cutting Edge for mythic mode.
• You will get 930+ (normal) 945+ (heroic) 960+(mythic) item level gear inside the raid.
• Artifact Power depending on your Artifact Knowledge Level.
• Last but not least. A chance for a Legendary!
• Kirin Tor Summoning Crystal item which rewards the Stormcrow Arcane Mount (only available on heroic modes and mythic mode)
• Chance to get Antoran Charhound: Drop from Shatug. On all difficulties.
• Shackled Ur’zul: Drop from Mythic Argus the Unmaker. This only drops on mythic and it depends if you get that package!
• Taeshalach – the weapon of Aggramar. A low % chance for the weapon to drop of Aggramar, 2 handed weapon for transmog!
• Scythe of the Unmaker – The weapon of Argus, the Unmaker. A low % chance for the weapon to drop off Argus, the Unmaker and is a two handed transmog weapon.
• SELF PLAYED get to experience a raid while it’s fresh and while it’s current with a top guild.
• We guarantee at least 6 items in one loot run with master loot while others may not get you a guarantee.

Requirements for Antorus the Burning Throne:
Level 110 character… That’s it! You are not required to be a certain ilvl or share your account info unless you order that package.

• We only ask for login and password to access the account come raid time. We will never ask you for anything else.
• If you won’t be around during raid time, try and get the unlocking process done with your assigned booster.

More Information about an Antorus the Burning Throne carry

Antorus the burning throne is the last raid of the Legion expansion. This is where the warriors for Azeroth and other worlds come to stop Sargeras, the Fallen Dark Titan once and for all. He started the Burning Crusade millennia ago to stop the Void Lords. Sargeras will rest at nothing to conquer Azeroth in order to enslave the soul within the planet it self. With and Antorus carry you are going into the very stronghold of the Legion and going to face the Dark Titan himself. He resides at the Seat of the Pantheon deep within the heavily fortified citadel. Although Sargeras himself is not alive within his body his soul is roaming free and commanding the Burning Legion there. There is however two immense beings of nearly incomprehensible power residing within Antorus, Aggramar and Argus. Aggramar is another fallen titan and Sargeras brethren from eons ago. He was slain by Sargeras and revived using demonic fel energy. Aggramar now serves the Dark Titan by force. Argus is not only a planet but a titan as well. Argus had his soul shattered and corrupted, beaten and tainted by the fel energies he too now serves the Dark Titan Sargeras.

With two beings of power this immense, the strongest weapons are going to need to be used and we will need help from the other fallen titans to beat their avatars. The pantheon will rise again and they will be revived in order to stop Sargeras from achieving his goals. Getting to experience the culmination of 12 years of Warcraft, finally defeating the threat of the Burning Legion is best experienced through an Antorus the Burning Throne boost. A carry like this is a once in an expansion experience. It is being compared to the end of Wrath of the Lich King, an experience that you will remember forever. With the help of all the titans Sargeras, Argus, and the corrupted Aggramar can be stopped once and for all. Eonar, Norgannon, Golganeth, Khaz’goroth, Aggramar, Aman’tul have all granted us their help and with their combined power both Argus and Sargeras can be stopped.

The fate of the entire Universe, not just Azeroth relies on this battle on Argus, if Sargeras is to succeed in this goal he will go on to enslave the world soul known as Azeroth and obliterate all other existing life in the universe. His cause is controversial, but it is not the right path. The other titans are against it due to all life being obliterated in the Burning Crusade. The Void Lords in the other dimension will come and not only beat Sargeras but they will also consume the rest of the universe alongside them if Sargeras is to succeed. The rest of the titans know this, which is why Sargeras at all costs must be stopped by us here on Argus.

Antorus Boost
Antorus EU & US Boost and Carry

An Antorus boost or an Antorus carry will let you experience the final fight for the universe in the best way possible. Pugging this would be a nightmare since it is going to be considered the hardest raid and the longest raid in all of Legion. Argus and Aggramar will have tons of wipes with pugs and even lower end guilds. The end fight with Argus the Unmaker is going to be as difficult if not harder than the Lich King or Kil’Jaedan were without any nerfs at all. This raid is going to be epic and one that anyone who experiences it while it is current will remember forever.

This time around Argus the Unmaker is also going to drop the Arcane Stormcrow mount just as Archimonde did at the end of Hellfire Citadel with the Grove Warden mount. This mount will on drop in the Heroic and Mythic difficulties off Argus the Unmaker. It will not drop on lower difficulties such as LFR, and normal modes. You also will get a chance to get Titan Essence which will be used to power up any legendary you have until 1000 ilvl off of every boss in the raid. This is crucial to helping you progress through the raid if you are with a guild or just want to be more powerful on your character. With Legion over halfway over you can expect the gear you earn in this raid to be useful for 10 months.

With it being the final raid of the expansion, an Antorus carry will be the way to go no matter what route you take. If you are trying to get a head start on the raid with getting the best gear as fast as possible and are already in a guild then you will definitely be at a higher ilvl than the rest of your guild mates. Likewise if you are just a casual player who doesn’t have much to do outside of mythic plus then it will also be good for you since you can get invited to any group, guild, or do anything in the game. This is why people get a Antorus the Burning Throne boost. The head start on gear that it provides is second to none, all this on top of you getting to see some of the best players in world perform in the raid!