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Blackhand Boost: Heroic Mode

Kill the end boss of the latest and most challenging dungeon in the game right now which is Blackhand from the Blackrock Foundry, not only this will team you with the best guilds in the game but it will separate you from the rest of the players who are still in progression for this, Includes Blackhand Kill.

heroic blackhand carry

The most powerful of the Warlords of Draenor, the mighty and Heroic Blackhand who rallied the Iron Horde with heavy weaponry that had never been seen before by the pure Orcs.

In the heroic version of this encounter you will find incredible differences when it comes to the mechanics of the fight.

Increased Powers

To begin with Blackhand himself has his abilities and powers increased as well as his total health is raised significantly. Not only that but his ability range is now a lot bigger, how he counts with powerful strikes as well as more machinery in his arsenal to fight against whoever dares to enter his foundry.

The battle is divided between 3 key phases in which the mechanics will be exponentially different and harder. To start we’ve got phase one, where Blackhand himself is the only foe you’ll be fighting and this lasts until he reaches 70% health.

After you hit that dps mark then phase two starts; for this you will be facing two types of ads and it lasts until he reaches 30% health.

Phase 2 of the Blackhand Encounter

BH on the boat

When phase 2 is reached players will have to be aware that the fight will move to another room lower in the depths of the Blackrock Foundry and therefore, when the room changes they will take about 50% of their total health in fall damage, which has to be addressed BEFORE the room change occurs to prevent any unnecessary deaths; as an alternative whoever can should use abilities to reduce the fall or use the engineering glider.

Here you will be fighting two types of ads, the Iron Soldiers and the Siegemakers, both of which you will have to fight along side Blackhand himself.

The Iron Soldiers will spawn at the ledge of the circular room and players will have to wait for the Heoric Blackhand to use his ability Shattering Smash which will knock them back and send them to the ledges of the room where they will finally be able to damage and kill the Iron Soldiers, which will be firing towards the raid group meanwhile they are alive, so they are very important to be killed before the damage of them plus Blackhand and the Siegemakers becomes too high to heal; causing a wipe.

More Options

We’ve got other Blackhand boost options here for you to check if you’d like to do this fight in normal mode or in mythic mode as well as if you’d like to get the reward for clearing it which is the famous mount Ironhoof Destroyer which will definitely set you apart from the rest of the players as it is a very unique mount given the difficulty required to get it within the expansion Warlords of Draenor.