Blackrock Foundry Boost: Heroic Mode

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With Garrosh and Grommash Hellscream acquitted and reconciled the two powerful family members joined forces. Garrosh explained to Grommash that soon Mannoroth the Destroyer was about to show up in Draenor to try and tempt them to drink his blood with Gul’dan the most powerful Orc Warlock in history.

Grommash trusted his son Garrosh wholly and decided to refuse drinking the demon blood that was the cause of the destruction of their people in our universe. When the time came Mannoroth did show up and he and Gul’dan the Warlock offered Grommash and his whole clan, the Warsong clan of Nagrand to drink the demon blood. It would infuse them with untold strength and would help them conquer anyone they wish; which you can now find their deeds at the Emerald Nightmare Heroic┬áMode right here at our selection.

Using the Foundry to Come up with a Plan

This came at a great price however, in return for this great power they gave up their sanity and their loyalty to themselves, they would serve the Burning Legion if they drank that Demon Blood. When Mannoroth and Gul’dan came and offered them the blood Grommash Hellscream refused without hesitating.

inside the blackrock foundry

This angered the ill-tempered demon and his servant Gul’dan, Mannoroth went out and attacked Grommash with a mighty blow. Grommash barely managed to escape that attack. Grommash came prepared however.

With the help of his son Garrosh he managed to set up a plot to kill Mannoroth and Gul’dan. Garrosh and the Warsong clan threw Iron Starts at Mannoroth as a distraction only.

Mannoroth launched a mighty attack and nearly struck Grommash down, but with the Iron Stars Grommash help up his Gorehowl, jumped up into the air and landed a killing blow at the very skull of the foul demon Mannoroth. At the sigh of this Gul’dan fled for his life and he managed to escape using a portal and his magic to a safe hideout somewhere in Draenor. Grommash and Garrosh took all the demon blood and threw and buried it away never to be seen again. This all takes place as part of a quest line that includes going into Heroic Blackrock Foundry in order to slay the demons that are already corrupting the mighty Orcs causing their own destruction!

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