Blackhand Boost: Mythic Mode

The ultimate test will be killing this end boss in the hardest dungeon available in the hardest difficulty possible. Get to kill this boss within Blackrock Foundy and get the achievements and gear from it.

Includes Blackhand Kill in Mythic Mode.

mythic blackhand

A Mythic Blackhand kill gets you all the loot for you spec and class depending on the package that you get! Mythic Blackhand also drops one of the most exclusive mounts in all of Warlords of Draenor.

The Ironhoof Destroyer mount is a unique model that only Blackhand on mythic Difficulty drops. Mythic Blackhand is the highest and hardest boss as of patch 6.1 in Warlord of Draenor.

Blackhand’s Own History

The story of Blackhand in this universe is much more different than it was in our own universe. This story starts off when Grommash and Garrosh Hellscream go to the Blackrock clan and make them an offer they can’t refuse. They ask the Blackrock clan to supply the Warsong clan with weapons to fuel the armies of the Iron Horde and promised them world domination.

Blackhand greedily took the offer knowing he was the strongest out of all the clans and if Grommash were to betray him he could handle him easily. Blackhand and his Blackrock clan and Orcs started building weapons in which the likes have never been seen before in Draenor.

Powerful Weaponry Built in the Foundry

With the schematics from Blackfuse the lead Goblin Engineer in our reality and the might of the Blackrock Orcs the Iron Horde turned into a formidable opponent. Blackhand lied guardingĀ in his foundry instead the Blackrock mountain in Draenor.

blackhand with yrel

Durotan and Yreal confronted Blackhand in Talador but they were unsuccessful in defeating the mighty Warlord as he easily took them down. In this fight however, Yrel used the power of the light and almost killed Blackhand with the help of the Archmage Khadgar to turn the battle in their favor. Blackhand was forced to retreat into the ocean and he escaped with his life.

Now he waits in the foundry and is ready to take on the next opponent. You are the next opponent and have to defeat this mighty Warlord of Draenor.

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