Blackrock Foundry Boost: Mythic Mode

The hardest difficulty dungeon available right now with the best gear for this current patch, this will be the best gear until the next patches come and even then this gear will hold it’s value through the first stages of the next tier of content. Raiding with nothing but the best guilds in the world right now will get you these rewards.

Includes all bosses.

mythic blackrock foundry carry

Mythic BRF gets you all the loot for the spec and class that you sign up with depending on your package! Mythic Blackrock Foundry is a good way of getting the pesky elemental runes if you are still on that quest and can speed up the process significantly aside from some of the best loot in the game.

After the defeat of Mannoroth the Destroyer who was the head lieutenant of Archimonde the Defiler’s army. Garrosh and Grommash Hellscream decided to go out and start the plan Garrosh had told Grom Hellscream, just like he did in the Mythic version of EN.

They were building a brand new horde, bigger and stronger than the first one that invaded our Azeroth many decades ago.

Using the Foundry to power up their armies

The orcs have returned and this time and they’ve returned with vengeance. Garrosh’ glory days were about to come to him once again. He was going to conquer the whole of Azeroth using the armies of the new horde which he had made stronger with the old Blackfuse schematics.

He called this new horde the Iron Horde. The Iron Horde were able to open a portal to our Azeroth by building a Dark Portal from their Universe into ours. After they built that portal thousands upon thousands of Iron Horde Orcs flooded the Blasted Lands and the Dark Portal turned red instead of green.

Taking Azeroth!

With the take over of the major horde and alliance cities in the Blasted Lands both factions went into battle to check out what was going on with this new threat. They were not expecting entire legions of Orcs to rampage throughout the lands and kill everything that lives in sight.

within the foundry

The orcs were planning a complete and total domination of the world. They had gathered the mightiest and strongest of all the orcs together and had formed a group. The Warlord of Draenor were assembled into one now. Among them the mighty Chieftain of the Blackrock Orcs, Blackhand was ready to go to war with all the weaponry that his entire clan could develop inside the mythic Blackrock Foundry, a place where nothing but the best weapons would be created to arm the Iron Horde armies.

The Blackfuse schematics in the hands of Blackhand made possible all the achievements within Warlords of Draenor that the Iron Horde managed to accomplish, it was none other than the Blackrock Foundry which led to the many victories of the horde.

And you can visit our main Blackrock Foundry page for a lot more information about this as well as other alternative routes you can go about doing it, we’re currently working with the best guilds in the world to make this not only possible but also effective; which in return has been great for us and for our customers.