Blackhand Boost: Normal Mode

Kill the end boss of the new Blackrock Foundry dungeon in normal mode difficulty; depending on the options you select you will receive all the loot for your spec.

normal blackhand kill carry

A Normal Blackhand kill in Blackrock Foundry yields you all the loot and gear for the spec and class that you sign up with. Blackhand in our reality was a mighty hero and the first Warchief of the Horde when it was first formed after the battle at Blackrock Mountain.

The warlord Blackhand as he was once known in Draenor was the leader of his clan known as the Blackrock Orcs. The Blackrock Orcs lived in a mountain in Draenor now known as the Outlands, called Blackrock Mountain.

There they lived freely free of rivalries from other clans and were known as the strongest out of all of the clans due to their lifestyle having to carry around big boulders and move heavy stones every day. Once the planet of Draenor blew up thanks to the Burning Legion finding out where the Naaru lived the whole clan was forced to evacuate using the Dark Portal leading to Azeroth.

Blackrock Clan in Azeroth!

mighty blackhand

Once they were in Azeroth as the war between Humans and Orcs raged on. The Blackrock clan found another mountain strategically located in the Burning Steppes near Stormwind, the Human capital.

The king of Stormwind, King Llane took notice of this and he assaulted the usual peaceful Orcs without notice. Thousands of the clan members were slaughtered and this forced the mighty leader Blackhand to take action.

Blackhand assembled all of the Orc clans and other races among them to help him in his war and thus the Horde was born. With the formation of the Horde the Human race was vastly outnumbered as it was many races and legions of armies against only one.

Rally the Iron Horde!

The Human’s sought help from other races including the Night elves and the Alliance was formed. The two factions clashed at the heart of Blackrock Mountain for the final battle when the two enemy leaders King Llane and Warchief Blackhand stared into each others eyes and charged into battle against each other.

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