Black Rock Foundry Boost: Normal Mode

This will grant you all the bosses of BlackRock Foundry in normal difficulty

Cleared with some of the best guilds in the world.

You can choose self-play options and the loot type you want.

normal brf

A run through normal full Blackrock Foundry in normal mode gets you all the loot for your spec and class depending on the package that you get. The story of the Blackrock Foundry in the alternate Universe of Draenor commences first with the story of Warlords of Draenor and the event that lead up to the forming of the foundry.

First Garrosh escapes from Pandaria and his prison with the help of the bronze dragon Kairozdormu. After they escaped the prison Kairozdormu told Garrosh that he had found a way to enter and alternate universe in a whole different realm and he could go back to Draenor before the planet blew up.

Entering Draenor to form an Army with the Blackrock Foundry

Garrosh happily accepted the offer and then they traveled through a corrupted dark portal and entered and alternate universe of the Outlands aka Draenor. Once in Draenor Garrosh went out and sought the person that he thought would be best to speak to first.

grommash at the entrance of the foundry

It was none other than Grommash Hellscream, the legendary warrior of the horde and the one who slayed Mannoroth the Destroyer in our world. This may get a little confusing as it does cover two separate universes; one in which the legendary foundry of the best weapons of the Iron Horde was taking place to conquer the world.

Garrosh goes up to his father who at the time does not know who he is since he is from another universe, but Garrosh walks up into the halls of the Nagrand Orcs and easily makes the peons believe him. At last he is there at the door ready to face his father whom he only had faint memories of.

The gates of the Warsong open up and long behold Grommash walks out of the gigantic doors wielding Gorehowl a legendary axe that has reaped and sown terror into many in the battlefield. Grommash is immediately stunned at the appearance of Garrosh since he looks just like him. Garrosh hold up his own Gorehowl, the one that was passed down from our world and the one his father used.

At the sight of both Gorehowls Garrosh immediately holds it up into the air and says “I am your son and this is your axe” without another moment of hesitation Grommash looks into garrosh’ eyes and says” Yes I believe you, you are my son.” BRF on normal is available today! And the Blackrock Foundry Boosting packages are now available for you to order and get this amazing story seen with your own eyes as you slay through the bosses within the raid-instance along with the best raiders and guilds of the world, granting you the loot and achievements in record times that no other would be able to get you.