June 10, 2016

Overwatch Torbjorn

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Overwatch Torbjorn Torbjorn is known and recognized worldwide for his creative engineering feats. He has developed some of the most advanced weapons in the Overwatch world, before he got into the Overwatch organization he was a blacksmith that was creating innovative weapon designs in a small village. When the Omnic crisis happen Torbjorn was aware [...]

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Overwatch Winston

June 9th, 2016|Categories: Uncategorized|

Overwatch Winston Before Winston was known as the brilliant Overwatch scientist he used to be a regular gorilla. Although regular in terms of the Overwatch world, he was genetically modified to be much smarter than the animals in the wild and even have and intelligence that surpasses most humans. Winston was raised by Professor Winston [...]

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Overwatch Mercy

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Overwatch Mercy Mercy in the Overwatch world is one of the most prominent doctors to have ever lived. She created and pioneered a whole bunch of treatments and systems for various diseases and injuries during the Omnic War. She is known as Angela Ziegler, before she became Overwatch Mercy Dr. Ziegler was just a lead [...]

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Overwatch Lucio

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Overwatch Lucio Lucio is Overwatch's resident musician. Born in the slums of Brazil Lucio has lead a very tough life in poverty and in crime. Everyone around him including his family were involved in crimes like drugs, murder, rape etc. Lucio was a bit different and he did not enjoy or like any of those [...]

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