Dr Mundo Breaking out of ELO hell

Breaking out of ELO hell with a Boost

If you have ever played League of Legends ranked queue you 100% have found that there is a plateau, or a barrier called “elo hell” in which you seem to take forever to cross despite knowing that your skill level is much more superior than the people who are playing with you in the ranked solo queue game-mode.

This is caused by many factors that we will discuss in another dedicated page for explaining why this happens, in here we will focus on the fact that there is very reasonable way to get out of it.

So the way ELO hell boosting works is very simple, your account is taken just above the breaking point in which you can’t seem to overcome and said thing will give you the opportunity for you to experience how it is like to play like the people in the division you thought your skills really belong.

Same ELO as you got Boosted

Most of the time we will find that the players who chose to get boosted out of ELO hell are often playing at the same level or even beyond the level they were before when they were stuck in previous divisions.

The reason that a lot of people would want or need to get boosted is very simple; it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it yourself but it means that you will be able to do it in just a fraction of the time, if you read what is this “elo hell” you will find that there is nothing you can do to control it and basically you have to carry 4 other people who might not be as skilled as you through the games in order to break out of it.

This blocks the capabilities and learning curve from any player that attempts to get better; this is simply a shortcut that makes the learning curve much easier and removes any single wall that you hit while improving.

boost your way to higher MMR

Measure Improvements in ELO

It’s very hard to measure your improvement when you are stuck behind a wall that depends in others to get across; which is why an ELO hell boost becomes the optimal solution for anyone that wants to do things faster; here are some reasons for you to consider if you should or should not get these services.

Most people know their true abilities while playing this game although the truth of the matter is that time becomes a barrier for a lot of people while playing League of Legends, we wrote a blog post about this in which we talk about what it takes to become the absolute best, we did it by parts and in one of the parts we talked about the fact that you need dedication and this translates to time, time on the keyboard and mouse grinding your wins day in and day out, this causes for a very difficult and slow skill increase.

With the help of a boost you will be able to break that wall and just jump right into the higher divisions and being able to play with much better players who will not only help you in every game (it’s easier for 4 people to carry one person than for 1 person to carry 4) and thus your learning acceleration will be much greater.