Ahri is a deadly assassin with her high damage output and super quick mobility. Her ability to play around the fight makes her a safe choice – with lots of skill shots to add challenge and fun. In Season 7 the Ahri build is different from previous years. A lot of new items and changes to her kit make this season an interesting time to play Ahri. She’s still a mid lane champion predominantly, but for those that are brave Ahri can be taken into the support role for fun too. Read more…

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Before diving into the backlines of your enemy team, you should know how to use Ahri’s basic abilities. As a champion ahri has a lot of mobility, but once your ultimate is used – you need to know how to navigate around a teamfight. The best place to start is a breakdown of each ability.

P – Essence Theft: Ahri’s passive is called essence theft and it is the main way that Ahri can sustain in lane. Each time one of Ahri’s abilities lands on a target she gain a single charge. Once at 9 charges, Ahri will heal based on each enemy hit. This has a small scaling so building AP results in more healing.

Q – Orb of Deception: This is the bread and butter of the Ahri build, it’s her core ability for harassment and able to do large chunks of damage to the enemy team. It’s a straight line projectile that does not follow a fixed path. Casting this grants a speed boost and it travels towards Ahri. This means that movement sideways can help target champions you otherwise would have missed. To benefit from her speed boost when fleeing, you should throw the Orb of Deception in the opposite direction you’re running towards.

W – Fox-Fire: This is an ability that often goes unnoticed by most first time players. Whilst the effects aren’t as visually obvious as her other abilities – this packs a punch. The first hit does the most damage with successive hits doing reduced damage.

E – Charm: This is a straight line skillshot that can be buffered before a flash to remove the animation. Once landed, the player is charmed towards Ahri for up to 2 seconds. Aside from doing large base damage, this ability has huge AP scaling.

R – Spirit Rush: This ability makes up the other part of Ahri’s mobility, offering three dashes that can be used defensively and offensively. Each dash creates a bolt that deals a reasonable amount of magic damage.

Tip: if you cast Charm before you flash, you cancel the animation and reduce the time people can dodge




Depending on the match up you may wish to vary your build on Ahri, but you should always maintain focus on who your real target is. When you’re in a teamfight you are trying to move along the side of the fight to reach damage dealers in the back of a fight. Whilst you do want to hurt the front line from time-to-time, you’re looking for increased mobility and skill reliability. This reflects her relatively low AP scaling on most of her abilities. Rather than being gated by ability power, Ahri relies on mana regeneration and cooldown reduction.

Essential Items

For this reason one of the core items you will build on Ahri is the Morellonomicon for mana regeneration and cooldown reduction. This item also carries a large amount of ability power to help with your scalings. However, the core reason to take this item is to break through her mana and cooldown gates with a single cost effective item.

The next item you will almost always want to get is Luden’s Echo. This item offers some great stats but doubles down on Ahri’s strength in mobility. Ahri is able to quickly charge the passive of this item, so she is able to get the bonus damage several times within a fight. If nothing else, this will help you close the gap onto an ADC or support during a teamfight.

Situational Items

Depending on how much of an advantage you gain in the early game, you may wish to tailor your build. Whilst items such as Void Staff help to do increased damage to tanks despite Ahri’s low scaling – you may wish to go more defensive with a Zhonya Hourglass.

Similarly, if you are getting a great advantage, then items that shut players down can include a Lich Bane or Rabadons Deathcap. Whilst neither of these items offer much for Ahri’s inherent strengths or weaknesses – they offer a great way to increase damage against low health targets. This is going to be great for carrying the game against a fed marksman or a pesky support.


Ahri’s damage when catching the squishy ADC or AP carry is unaffected so the early void staff will not be bad at all. Using the strongest items and building the right way can completely change the game for you as a champion and can change the game for your team entirely. With this build Ahri in the top lane can also be quite effective if you get caught in those situation in the top lane the tank shredding strategy would work too.