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experience end-game content before others

Don’t level anymore, get a custom account

Fully leveled with maxed professions accounts

Our top players can max level accounts within days due to the groups we have constantly running to make these happen, our group of power levelers have tons of experience and can rapidly level many accounts, that’s precisely why it’s so easy for us to give you any account you want.

You customize your own account

So there are many ways to do this, our most popular is creating an account with your specifications such as name, server, face style, skin color and most importantly CLASS, SPEC AND PROFESSIONS.

These accounts will take a few more days to create since they are customized accounts that are personalized for you.

Premade Accounts

If you don’t mind about those details you can get an account from our selection and you will receive it in considerably less time than the personalized accounts, in here you can choose the class however these don’t include your selected professions.


If you are tired of grinding or you just don’t want to do it anymore you can simply select all the max leveled things you want in these accounts and then they will be handed to you within just a few days; there’s no need spend countless hours leveling and maximizing your professions.

You don’t have to worry about having to find places to level, to pull off guides on how to level your professions either, you will be given a set of maximized professions for your brand new level 90 character.

Why are we better?

Simple, the other companies use accounts from previous owners and they are randomized; with us you literally select everything you want from that account and it’s yours entirely after we finish doing everything. From the email the account will be yours and you will be the one that selects even the slightest detail of how you want it done; our power levelers can do it.

Please understand these accounts are manually done by professional players, this means that there will be a wait time before we finish with the leveling and the professions. This accounts aren’t done by bots and we take pride into saying that very few other companies do this.

EU or US doesn’t make any difference, we have power levelers in both regions so it’s just a matter of selecting, the accounts are created in the servers you select which is another sign that these are done manually and are not pre-created accounts UNLESS you want to buy one of our pre-created accounts which is completely fine, however if we run out of stock (since these get taken quite fast) then send us a message here and we will let you know when we stock the accounts again.

The alternative would be to level yourself, so make a choice :)