We’d Love to Hear From You, Get In Touch With Us!

You are free to contact us at the given form of contact 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We will do our best to reply to you as soon as possible. Most times it take 1-2 hours for a reply and if you are buying a service it can take 1-2 days to schedule you for it. We have customer support waiting to answer any and all your questions!

Add our skype and contact us directly at the username: elitist-gaming

Elitist Gaming, one of the leaders in the boosting industry since our launch in 2014, has always been about efficient and fast communication with our clients. We use live chat offered by Tawk to provide nearly instant, real time, 24/7 live chat to our prospective clients for sales and current clients for support all within the same easy and convenient little green button. We will not even discourage you from using our great live chat service, but we also strive to provide a wide range of answers to your questions and solutions to your problems that will hopefully minimize your need to contact us, but we don’t mind if you do!

First of all, we have a direct line of contact within our member’s area with your booster. Sound great right? No need for Skype or other clunky software? A place where all the communication between the booster and client being boosted is kept logged for review for your security and peace of mind. Within this members area there is a plethora of useful things you can do such a view your boost status, pause your order, request a refund, etc. The Members Area is under constant development by our in-house team and you need not be worried about security, we pride ourselves on it, and use only the latest up to date tools to develop our websites.

Maybe your problem doesn’t involve contact with your booster? No problem. How about our FAQ. Over at members.elitist-gaming.com/faq you can view a wide range of prewritten support articles that are specific to the type of game, category, and product you are looking for. Many of our clients find this FAQ offers the most up to date and easy to understand information and require very little effort to navigate. We work constantly to add new questions and answers that we receive so as to provide you a quick and self-sufficient form of getting this information so you can save your time to get your boost going and achieve the ranking you’ve always dreamed of.

Of course, this may not be what you’re looking for and that’s just fine. Perhaps your an advertiser and are looking to take advantage of the amount of traffic we receive every day. We recommend filling out the contact form above and we will get back to your promptly.

What about eavesdropping? Could the company of my game of choice see my live chat with you and ban my account or worse strip my ranking after I’ve already paid for my boosting? Well let’s start with the facts. We have never had a single boost we’ve done had after-boost repercussions and we attribute this to our strong willingness to use only custom software and encrypt all communications between clients, boosters, and us to far exceeding industry standards. We do not connect to your account without a dedicated VPN application, and we make sure to always appear offline and maintain NO contact with your friends or family when on your accounts. We are strictly there to boost and disconnect. Boosters will even try to confirm their methods, which applicable, to your play style to most resemble your skill sets and weak points. Rest be assured, your communications are safe with Elitist Gaming.

Alternative contact methods? Sure we go it. You can easily use the contact form above, contact us by email at support@elitist-gaming.com, add us on skype at elitist-gaming, or you can contact us by our various forum accounts at Ownedcore and other such boosting related forums and services. Specific sales related inquiries can also be communicated with us based on the above mediums.

No matter what methods you use to contact us you will receive the same great support staff with 24/7 access. We still do implore you to use Live Chat if your issue is urgent as it is a direct line to us and we are always available for quick resolution if any problems that come up with your boost, but we bet it will be a smooth ride. In fact, we guarantee it.