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Fast and on Time Delivery of CSGO Accounts:

All of our accounts are delivered in a prompt fashion for you.

Csgo accounts are all hand leveled and all the skins are always obtained through legitimate means. We don’t use any third party software like other websites do and they endanger your account by doing so.

Third party software is common place in Chinese and Russian based websites and nearly every account that they sell gets banned and caught by Valve eventually. We would never risk an account like this for you.

We treat each of them as they were our own and you can always get them name changed later if you want. Your accounts security is our number one priority here. Some csgo accounts for sale here may come with skins and keys and boxes as well for you to unlock.

Get a Ranked Smurf

Counter Strike smurfs just like League of Legends smurfs have become incredibly popular among veterans.

Getting a CSGO account up to max level can be a long and extremely tedious process that nobody wants to go through.

Whenever you get a cs go account you not only eliminate all that hassle and can go straight to ranked mode and all the other level restricted features that the game has.

In order to get to max level you need to put over 50 hours that’s over 2 days of play time and that can be one of the longest grinds you go through.

If you have a max level account already then you may as well not waste your time grinding through the high levels and go get a smurf asap.

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Why get an account?

There’s endless reasons to get an account. Save time and energy instead of grinding out the low levels versus noobs and get a counter strike smurfs.

Smurfs in csgo have always been a big deal and have always been relevant. Some Global Elite players have them in the lower brackets just to user lower players as their punching bags for when they need to de stress and that is one of the purposes of having a smurf in csgo.

If you get a cs go account you also skip through the leveling process and have some skins already unlocked with our pre made skins alongside some keys and unopened boxes of course.

There amount of reasons as to why you would want to get an account are many and at the end of the day it’s up to you… waste my time leveling or go straight to the top.

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Global Elite Account

The Grind: Skip the grind and get a max level cs go account right now.

We have custom made ones available and ready for you. We also sell accounts that have been owned by other players which are worth more and have more skins and perks to them naturally! Skins increase the value of the account and not to mention the skins themselves are worth something. Accounts sold by other players vary as well.

You can have accounts who have a high rank like Legendary Eagle being sold here as well.

So the accounts to vary in what the have and what they can yield for you. One of the most popular trends right now are smurfs and the place to buy counter strike global offensive smurfs is right here at Elitist Gaming so you can get everything done.

Pro Smurf

Playing for countless hours to get another ranked account can be exhausting considering you’re already at a high rank to begin with, there’s no need to endure the long process of going through countless games with other much lower ranked players.

This is the main reason why smurf accounts in counter strike global offensive are so important, to train and to raise your rank faster as well as experimenting with something other than your main account.

We have every possible account you can imagine in stock and we are constantly updating getting new and fresh accounts into our inventory, this ensures that we have nothing but the best at your disposal to pick and choose anything you want, our wide range of smurfs ready to buy is waiting for you!

Look through our stash right now and pick anything you want, we give you a full refund guarantee if your account gets banned or disqualified within the first 45 days of you playing it, we are very confident in the quality of our service and are proud of that.

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