If you’re an outranked player or even a Master Guardian you have a long way to go before reaching the rank of Global Elite. Very few players make it to the top and it takes a commitment few people are willing to make. We’re here to help you get up there faster than others.

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  • 1 Hour
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  • 3 Hours
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What are the benefits to purchasing Coaching

  • For players of every background and of any skill everyone always reaches a skill wall that they can’t get past without putting in countless man hours of practice into it.
  • No matter what skill level you are at some point in your gaming career you will undoubtedly encounter this.
  • Our team of Global Elite players can help you out in overcoming this since they had to go through it too.
  • They started out at the bottom and climbed up the ranks like everyone else did and along the way discovered the best ways to play the game.

Get Professional CSGO Coaching Right Here

Whenever you get to play with any of our Global Elite or tournament level coaches we do guarantee that you will learn something or your money back.

There is always something to learn in this game from improving your speed to knowing which guns are best on every map to improving you aim and know where to aim. Csgo lessons can have great benefits and will help you improve in all of these aspects.

You’ll be playing custom and quick play games with all of our coaches so along the way you’ll also rack up some wins for some loot at the end.

There’s many ways of learning of learning this game but always remember that the number 1 factor in this is you. You dictate how good of a player you want to be and how skilled you want to get. Take a hold of it and do become the player that you want to be.

force learning how to play csgo
good csgo coaching will get you this

Lesson Breakdown with our Coaches

How to play csgo is a commonly asked question and one that seems dumb.

In reality very few people actually learn on how to play the game and master everything there is to the game. Coaching in csgo is what many players have resorted to in order to remain competitive and to keep their drive going.

We as a CS GO community have to learn from each other in order to discover new ways to wins and improving our own game play.

In fact many competitive players are always teaching each other and improving each other in order to win those tournaments.

So if anything you should feel motivated into improving your own game play, guides are there for a reason. To help you become a better player.

Coaching Selection

Counterstrike Global Offensive coaches are picked from a very wide range of skilled players and boosters. Only the best coaches are picked and it’s not just any ordinary top rank players, but people who have express exemplary communication skills. We make sure the coach is fully able to communicate their tips and tricks effectively, is fluent extensively in your language of choice, and meets a high rank requirement. We personally play against them and expect to be easily crushed, and have it explained to us why that is. Coaches at Elitist Gaming will develop a highly customized coaching plan that will be tailored specifically to your strengths and weaknesses. We will help you to hone your strengths, and disregard your weaknesses. You will leave your coaching with the tools needed to exceed to the rank you desire, and more.

All of our coaches for Counterstrike Global Offensive have in game experience that is extensive. You can expect over 1000 hours and usually much more under each coach’s record. Our coaches normally write content for public sites such as blogs on insight into the game and upcoming patches or guides on the best weapon setups. Many of them offer rare skins for sale and other boosting services if that’s more your forte.

Before you purchase Counterstrike Global Offensive coaching consider the following:

1) It’s always a good idea to make sure your HUD is set to widescreen. To achieve this, open the game and click Options > Video Settings > HUD Size > reduce the horizontal alignment.

2) Adjust your crosshair to your specific preference. Everyone’s is different so there is no right or wrong.

3) Each weapon in CS:GO, with the exception of a few such as snipers, have a certain spray pattern. If you hold down fire, or fire repeatedly without aiming properly you will never hit. Unlike other first person shooters CSGO requires exceptional skill and aiming. It’s like the MOBA of FPS games and should be treated as such.

force learning how to play csgo