Need specific items or a boss in a certain raid? Maybe a certain pvp achievement in arena or in battlegrounds? Shoot us an email at to see if we are able to do the custom request it for you.

Here at Elitist Gaming we pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of custom services and products. We are constantly updating our catalog with the latest patches for games such as World of Warcraft, Overwatch, League of Legends, Counterstrike Global Offensive, and many more. We use complex calculators to ensure the most accurate and affordable pricing for our boosts, and adjust them on a daily basis to meet with demand and availability of the markets.

We have a wide array of items available for WoW in both regions as well as an impressive amount of Mounts all at affordable pricing. If we do not possess the item or mount in our catalog this does not mean we cannot deliver it to you. We have helped countless clients with custom orders for rare or overlooked items and mounts and are more than willing to help YOU do the same.

We offer a cart system that allows clients to add a wide range of boosts from Overwatch Skill Ranking to Lol Boosting to Wow Items or Mythic Dungeons and so on to a cart so that we have a wide range of products that can be ordered at the same time. Each one of these boosts will have their own order page with an individual booster assigned to each upon payment. This allows proper diversification of your boosts and allows you to better follow each one’s progress effectively. These pages allow real time chat with your booster, the ability to pause your order, the ability to refund (if we aren’t up to your satisfaction completely this is more than possible though we encourage you to contact us via live chat before so we can try to resolve any issues), the ability to follow your boost progress, and plenty of other options unique to Elitist Gaming.

Custom requests can be difficult, if not downright impossible, but we strive and work with our wide range of boosters to come up with innovative and groundbreaking techniques in the boosting market, striving and navigating through uncharted waters, and creating new software to optimize speed and security of every boost completed. Because of our wide range of connections, we are able to provide and preplan for updates to games and have been doing so with a special interest in World of Warcraft since our conception in 2014. Need a Nighthold Heroic done during a very specific and not usually sought after time zone? It may be entirely possible for us to meet the demands of such a product and we will reach out to your boosters in the region of your choice for custom ordering.

We have, on a regular basis, offered custom products for games that we do not normally boost for as the demand may be too low, or we have not gotten around to setting up and organizing it into our wide catalog of products. If this is the case, as it has been for many other clients, you would do best to contact us at or better yet for faster resolution just ask a Live Chat agent for assistance. This is the preferred method of contact so you don’t have to wait any longer then usually a few moments. Examples of custom products for games might include Gold for a popular MMORPG or coaching for a brand new MOBA that hasn’t quite caught on yet. If there is a booster out there that will provide that service it is entirely possible, and probably probable, that we will be able to meet that demand. Usually in this case the order may or may not be processed within our custom Members Area software suite, and that’s okay. You will still have 100% up to date information delivered by a live chat service such as Skype. You will never be kept in the dark and your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed here at Elitist Gaming.

Whether it’s a coaching for a game not yet available, a mount that may have just came out and we haven’t listed yet or even a item that is so rare it is usually not available on the open market we will do our best to help meet your needs if it is within our capability and wide booster network to do so. We value your security greatly and no matter what product or method of payment you use we will keep your information safe within our custom software where no prying eyes can see it. That is our promise to you.