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I have a fast run 8 mythics Dungeons on sunday 2 october and I must admit it was excellent,great, formidable, a big experience, full of loot and pleasure. THANK A LOT. YOU’Re ARE FORMIDABLE. Frédéric Enjaume. I recommend your service.
Frédéric Enjaume
Just got done with a gladiator carry from these guys. Was delayed a little bit but that doesn’t matter.  Boys boosted me up to glad range with someone at my side and contact the whole time. Great service. period.
William Lacy
I got a full heroic SoO run and well, to say the least just wow. The guild was very professional with me, very kind and professional people. Even got to play a role on some bosses…. heh i thought i wouldn’t. Overall its a 5/5 service provided here.
John Park
Full normal here. Just did it, was scheduled a week from purchase and lets just say it @#^(ing worth it. Got my toon geared, got all the achievs i asked for, and the scheduler was a great guy. Wonderful service not going to any other site again.
Steven Morales
 So just go through a 2k carry. I know it’s not much but.. hey these guys did it overnight. Just quick log in and woke up next morning with 2k. What can I say good service for the price.
Marcus Robertson
I would just like to hop in here and vouch for these people. The service in the full heroic run is worth way more than the price i paid. Guilds on my server charged me twice as much nearly and well, never buying from anyone else. Got over 10 pieces of heroic loot, almost a fully geared character. Incredible people and not going to anyone else for as long as I play.
Daniel Evangelista
From Australia here. Scheduler did a great job to meet my times to get me the right guild I wanted to match my times. The guy even made sure I was the only one running for the week. Talked to customer service, was amazing just flat out..attended all my needs when I live out of the states. Got my loot my toons almost fully heroic geared. Worth the price from my hours of work. Recommend it to anybody honestly.
Joseph Dickery
RBG boost buyer from Cali, Just wanna chime in and testify for the service these people give. Professionals at the highest meaning of the word. Never once did I think my account was in jeapordy. Got my rating few days after I bought it…only thing was the que time but hell..worth more than that in my opinion. Great group of guys and got my rating done fast.
Vincent Hermance, try-all co
Hello, I bought a mount run and well.. what can I say fast and easy. Simple as that, got booked, showed up and well I got my mount. Had 2 people to talk to and ask questions the whole way. Worth it.
Jack Meek, Barrow Farm
So I bought a full run through siege… been skeptical about this for a while but my friends”forced” me to and well i came out of it a happy man. Got 8 pieces of heroic gear. WORTH IT.
Joseph Cabrera
Just got done with my 3v3 rank one title run. These guys have some REAL players, was impressed they got me done pretty fast about three days worth. I know my way around pvp and it aint easy for rank one. Got my moneys worth for sure.
Nathan Stowe
Looking to just throw in a good word for these people. My purchase was an 11 our of 14 boss run in orgrimmar. Got about seven pieces worth of heroic gear and well the overall experience raiding with a top guild in the nation is kinda overwhelming for a country boy like me. Legit service.
Kevin Branson
Legitimate service. People were friendly, helpful, and most important of all I got what I paid for. 2200 in threes and done fast and easy. Good people.
Jake Fletcher
Love it that its not bots or a computer or some foreign people doing this. All of them spoke English and were overall extremely helpful players.Got my rbg boost in no time pretty much. No reason to buy from anyone else. 
Carrie Hope
Cant ever stop speaking highly of the services provided here. First testimonial for any site I have ever done but, well earned. Been buying multiple things for a few weeks here. Pvp services have short wait times and the pve ones are super organized and professional. 
David Garza
Good #&@! great providers. Power leveling and got it done at the same time the site said it would be done.85-90 my power leveler was very friendly and well just best service i have found so far.
Dave Kerr
Been scammed before. Took a chance on this. the only ones that did not scam was this site. So alleviated to have found something thats a real business to do my wow needs. These guys earned my few bucks.
Derek Linden
Ordered 2k rating, got it done overnight. Simple as that, real service here.
Jon Lee
Getting my raiding done every tier from this site from now on. Ordered full normal and a full heroic. Got booked transfered and got what I paid for done. My lock is so decked out now I love this service.
Joshua Dayne
Vouching for a normal garrosh kill that was completed last thursday. Got my wolf mount, got some loot, got what I wanted. Took about 15 minutes when it was all said and done. Go to people right here.
Honza Vesely
Yo these guys are the real deal here. From Atlanta, Ga here gonna put in my my testimony after my raid was done. Got almost all the pieces I wanted..RNG got the best of me. Quality work done here.
Esteban Duran
Well rounded, most professional site and player employees I have bought from. Been to about 3 other sites to purchase the same products. None can even hold a candle to these people, just flat out amazing service and just overall great system that they have.
Frank Yueh
Why buy from anyone else? Lol I have been buying from trade chat for years now and great to finally see a U.S. based company doing this kind of thing. Done in a few days with my pvp rating just amazing.
Ross Clayton
Wow is my response! I bought the service Tuesday morning, ran a heroic SoO Tuesday night and went from a 567 ilvl to 573. Everyone was great, and it went better than I could have dreamed.
Kevin Lewis
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After being ran through one time through any difficulty at all by one of our top guilds you will be blown away at the level of efficiency and professionalism that the guilds display.

We only hire the top guilds from around the world to ensure that you get your carry done quickly,safely, and most importantly efficiently.

We know that your time is valuable and we try and get through the raids as fast as possible in order to save you as much time as you can to enjoy all the new loot that you’ll have on your character.

In pvp it is similar we only hire the top players who are at least rank one or tournament level to do the carries.

They treat you as a a valued customer and you get the boost 100% safe and secure without anyone knowing who it was or how you got the rating.