The battle for Dazar’alor raid carry is the biggest siege of any city in the history of Azeroth. Never before have armies of the Alliance and Horde come to clash invading an opposing city with such a large army.

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  • Full Clear
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  • Self Play
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WoW BFD Mythic Heroic and Normal Carry:

Everyone is involved in the battle leaving nobody behind.

The Loa’s have joined the side of the Horde. Including Loa’s like Gonk of the hunt, Bwonsamdi of death, and Akunda of storms.

With the blood god Ghuun defeated and the blood trolls weakened the Horde and the Alliance both have been emboldened and seek out blood against each other once again.

The Battle for Dazar’alor raid boost is going to be one of the most anticipated raids of all time with the culmination of both factions bloodlust finally coming to its zenith.

Both factions are bringing their strongest fighters to the front lines for this final battle between the Horde and the Alliance. The Alliance are fed up with the atrocities committed by Sylvannas’ Horde in Darkshore and in other areas of Azeroth.

Her relentless and merciless attack in Darnassus and Darkshore showed that she had to be eliminated and stopped from reaching whatever goal she has in mind. The Battle for Dazar’alor boost will be one of the best raids to ever grace the WoW raiding scene.

Even with the Horde coming to fight with their best fighters it does not stop Sylvannas from trying to slaughter ever member of the Alliance that comes to challenge her. The Alliance see her as the ultimate threat to azeroth because her motivations are unknown but extremely sinister actions prove for it to be something incredibly evil that must be stopped at all costs.

The alliance are fighting back using their strong mages, their strongest warriors, their rogues who can’t be detected, and everything else they have in their arsenal in order to fight the threat of the horde. This time the Alliance isn’t going to sit back and wait for the Horde to keep attack them in their cities, they are taking the fight straight to the Horde in their most vulnerable moment.

Battle for Dazaralor Boost
BFD Normal Heroic and Mythic Carry

Raiding the New BFD

The battle for Dazar’alor boost is going to be one of the best raids to be implemented in WoW according to the best guilds in the world. It is going to have new innovative mechanics like cross faction appearance for specific boss fight which are going to be implemented for the first time ever in the history of World of Warcraft.

Every player will have a unique experience in the raid, with each race switching to another race of the opposing faction. For the first time ever you will get to be an opposing race in the game without the need for a faction change cosmetic item. The battle for Dazar’alor boost is going to be the best one yet. It is going to have pivotal characters be bosses from both factions.

Janna Proudmoore is joining the battle field for the first time ever in the expansion since the battle for Lordaeron in the pre-patch. She is going to fight against the horde on the high seas as a boss. Janna isn’t the only one who is joining the Alliance as a boss on the high seas. High tinker Mekatorque is also joining the fight against the Horde and he will be bringing the might of gnomergan with him in his fight against the Horde. High tinker Mekatorque is often overlooked but he is one of the most powerful Alliance soldiers available with his arsenal of machines and inventions available. The Hightinker is also bringing a mount drop this raid. Janna will also drop a mount this raid too for the first time ever! Janna Proudmoore is looking to redeem her town of Boralus for the atrocities the Horde committed against them in the third war.

This Battle for Dazar’alor boost is also going to include the Horde side of the story with some of the hordes most prominent members in BFA starting to head to the battlefield. King Rhastakan is entering the battle to defend his city to the end. As we all know from the quest-line for the horde King Rhaastakan is empowered with Bwonsamdis power the Loa of Death. He is going to try his absolute best to make sure that his city survives the onslaught that the alliance have in store for the city. The Battle for Dazar’alor boost is going to be one of the most powerful and thrilling raids since Antorus in Legion! You won’t want to miss out on this one as it will be a once in a lifetime experience.