Diablo 3 powerleveling at it’s best. If you’re looking to get a quick powerlevel from 1-70 in 5-10 minutes or maybe some paragon powerleveling really cheap and fast check us out.

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Power leveling in Diablo 3 in just a few minutes


  • Level 70
  • 10x
  • No Requirements

What are the benefits to getting powerleveled?

  • The first obvious out is that you will have a new character at your disposal in a matter of minutes instead of you having to go through that giant grind and playing through all the acts like you usually would have had to do on your own.
  • If you want to know how to power level diablo 3 then all you need is a max level character with a really high paragon level and just run your alt through it.
  • That is if you have a second account of course, otherwise you will need to use us a powerleveling service in your to get boosted. Along the way you’ll also collect a lot of items which would take a long time for most people to obtain, it’s condensing over 2-5 days of gameplay into 10 minutes.
  • What could be better than that?

ROS Super Fast Power Leveling:

How fast is it? Super fast, we power level you 1-70 in 10 minutes on average. We can do it this fast because every single character that we have here is geared to the teeth and also at a max paragon level.

Paragon powerleveling in Diablo 3 is one of the hardest things to do when you get to the later levels but it is not entirely impossible. You can still get power leveled in your paragon level if you dedicate enough time or if we pilot your account.

All the powerleveling here is done with someone boosting the character through actual gameplay and we don’t user any third party software either. It’s all self play unless you want to share account.

d3 ros power leveling
max level diablo kill

How legit is the powerleveling?

Why don’t you try it out, it only costs $2 and you can play yourself without having to share your account information. All of the characters we use are guaranteed to be so geared that they will 1 shot everything in sight.

If you want a quick diablo 3 power leveling solo service then you’re going to need a second account. Diablo 3 reaper of souls power leveling has introduced something completely brand new with the Paragon leveling which is basically leveling past max level and increasing your character stats along the way.

The only quick and easy way out of it is using a service like Elitist Gaming to avoid that and we get you powerleveled to max in just a matter of minutes(10 minutes is the average). Diablo 3 powerlevling is by far one of our most popular services and it is something that you’d want for leveling your alt in seasonal or regular, we can do it in either one just as easy and just as fast.

Diablo 3 Items:

We offer a wide range of Diablo 3 items and Diablo 3 item packages. Want us to run you through normal and greater rifts until you get 100 legendary items? No problem. Want piloted or self played? We do either. Having difficulty passing Hoadric Cache Farm? We can run you through EVERY single one of your heroic acts and do every single bounty on any level you want. This means acts 1 through 5.. all of them! It is Self Played with piloted being available. Need Blood Shards? We can trade you any amount of Blood Shards that you need in order for you to start crafting those items you’ve wanted. Delivery time is within 24 hours!

Need some Forgotten Souls for your crafting? We will trade you 100 forgotten souls for every 10 dollars. Forgotten Souls come from Legendary items and are used for crafting every single high end material in the game. Delivery within 24 hours! We even offer Veiled Crystal’s that we will trade you by the hundreds. This is a useful crafting item for mid to high end materials. Delivery within 24 hours! We even offer Witch Doctor, Wizard, Monk, Crusader, Demon Hunter, and Barbarian armor sets at $40 per with a wide range of set picks.

d3 ros power leveling
max level diablo kill

Diablo 3 Paragon

Need some affordable Paragon Leveling? We will run you through the entire Paragon Level system, along the way you’ll be receiving a ton of loot and increasing your character’s power! We can run you from 0 to 100 up to 400 to 1000. If you want more gold and some quick paragon levels look no further. We’ll run you through a Gold Vault Run using our keys. It is self played and delivery time is within 24 hours!