Get your diablo 3 account here. With custom made and pre made accounts we have you covered right away. You don’t have to go out and scrape multiple sites in order to get an account that suits your needs. We have the largest collection of Diablo 3 acccounts in the world. With over 5 years of collecting them since the game released it’s safe to say we can help you out.

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Exclusive Diablo 3 accounts are on sale now.

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  • No Requirements
  • Fully Leveled
  • Paragon Experience Included

What are the benefits to getting a pre made account?

  • There are some clear benefits in getting a max level character or account.
  • Diablo 3 accounts for sale are usually hard to come by since people invest a lot of time into them and they aren’t always in the best conditions.
  • Since the game changes very fast a lot of accounts are out dated and people don’t have the things that are relevant in the game currently.
  • If you want to buy Diablo 3 account that is in a good condition with all the current gear and everything up to date we provide that.
  • Every single account here is hand picked by our managers that play the game and know what they are doing.
  • Every single account is inspected before purchase and we always promise to give you the best possible accounts that we can when it comes to our custom accounts.

What type of Diablo 3 accounts do we sell?

We have amassed a stash of Diablo 3 accounts that vary depending on what you want.

Even custom made accounts are available now for you. The most popular type of account is the pre made standard one that comes with 10 level 70 characters of every single class so that you can get started right away without having to go through the grind of farming them up.

If your account got banned or are a seasoned Diablo 3 veteran that just wants an alternate account this is the package that you are looking for.

Custom made accounts are also available which are sold by current account owners that just want to get rid of their high end and geared characters. We have extremely geared characters with max paragon available as well.

diablo 3 ros max boss leveled
max leveled account for sale

Stop waiting around and claim your account NOW:

Every single account here if they are a pre made account it is leveled by an actual person and not a bot.

Other services level their accounts with bots which causes them to be banned in the future and they don’t refund you your money. We have a 100% satisfaction and a guaranteed no ban with every single pre made account that we sell here.

Diablo 3 ROS accounts for sale in diablo 3 of this quality cannot be found anywhere else period. This is because we are locally EU based and all of our power levelers and vendors are background checked to make sure they are 100% legitimate.

We promise that you will have a diablo 3 account that meets quality standards.

Custom Orders

Do you desire a Diablo 3 account that comes with a high rank already preloaded? Want us to make it just for you, rank it up professionally by our elite team of boosters? We can arrange that. Here at Elitist Gaming we have focused on providing custom boost orders and accounts for at least 4 years and have extensive experience in this arena. Every accounts will be analyzed by our head team before shipping it to you to ensure that proper security procedures took place such as the usage of a VPN application. The accounts will always show up to your inbox as clean and without any problems in the future, guaranteed.

diablo 3 ros max boss leveled
max leveled account for sale

Options Galore

We have a very wide array of different account types. Want a custom build such as Waste Set with Bulkhatos and all set ancient? Let’s talk about that. Need a negotiable price that fits your needs? Multiple payments over a few months? A bulk order of 20 accounts all within similar parameter’s? It’s possible. We specialize in accounts from every region – EU and US paragon.


All of our accounts will be delivered instantly to you via our custom member’s area. You will be able to communicate with the seller live via live chat to confirm aspects of the account and test it out before we close the order. If you make the order in error you will be able to submit a refund request from that member’s area. Your purchase of said account will be protected the entire way through by our in house custom backend so you can rest assured you will not run into any future trouble with that account.

diablo 3 ros max boss leveled